Friday, January 14, 2011

Signs not Constellations

Nothing has changed.

You can change the name of the street but the house hasn't moved. In fact nothing has changed about an individual horoscope or the indication of the skills on an individual investor according to the placement of the planets on their date of birth. Changing the name of a constellation or adding another changes nothing but the street map. ( I used to be a printer and we loved it when the city changed the names of streets. Our company was inundated with all sorts of new orders to replace maps, business cards, stationary)

In fact sometimes I wish the astronomers would rename all of the constellations. Horse is much easier to spell than Sagittarius. However I'm afraid that astrologers would stick to their 2000 year old tradition and I will continue to misspell Sagittarius.

Financial Astrology
is based on the position of planets. We just want to know the exact distance between planets and the sign of the zodiac where they may be found. Our study is based on a Zodiac of Signs.

Astrological investing is based on the position of the planets at each moment in time. Our study is based on a Zodiac of signs, not a zodiac of constellations. We use the signs as a handy reference map to decipher the location of planets. We need to know the measurement of degrees between each planet from the point of view of our position on earth. For example: Right now,
Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in the 'Sign' Pisces. However, if you wish to find Jupiter and Uranus with your telescope then you will need a current map of the constellations. For financial astrologers the Zodiac signs are like a street map. We use the map to tell us the distance (measured in degrees) between the planets.

Its All in the Aspects
In Financial Astrology we use today's planetary positions to help us determine how the market indexes will move. Jupiter and Uranus have been very close to each other since June. Each time they have been together during the past 100 years the Dow index has gradually moved up.
We have discovered many other useful aphorisms. For example when Jupiter moves through the area of the sky we call Pisces; the price of fuel increases. We have also discovered that companies who have incorporated between February 20 and March 20 usually earn higher profits when Jupiter moves through that portion of the sky named for the sign Pisces.

Accuracy Counts
Financial Astrology relies on the accurate measurement of the degrees between planets. Experience has shown that certain relationships between planets may have a positive or negative effect on the Dow or other indexes. Experience has also shown that the current position of a planet will also effect the price of an individual stock and even the health of a company.
Available on our website you may purchase my Textbook for Financial Astrology. The book explains exactly how we work with planets and signs.


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