Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fiscal Cents - Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign

Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign For the Lunar Month Beginning January 4, 2011- Your Astrological Horoscope and Financial Outlook by Kaye Shinker
The New Moon is in Capricorn. The Sun will enter the sign of Aquarius on January 20th at 5:18 am EST.
Happy Solar Return to late Capricorn Suns and early Aquarian Suns! 
Happy Solar Return to Capricorns, born between January 4 and January 19, who have taken control of their personal finances and have accumulated their rainy day funds. Continue to put your funds to work and use your extra cash for wise income yielding investments.
And Happy Solar Return to Aquarians, born between January 20 and February 1, who need to pay close attention to their personal transportation and make sure they have alternative choices. It is also important to make sure your communications equipment is working properly and efficiently. 
Both signs need to keep both eyes open looking for ways to earn extra money, Late Capricorn needs to put at least 10% in a personal savings account. Early Aquarius needs to take care of their personal transportation and communication devises.

This Month For Capricorn
Your investment funds will pay dividends, therefore be sure to reinvest them wherever possible. Right now you are adding cash to your portfolio, therefore accumulate, accumulate. 
This Month For Aquarius 
Your creative ideas are ready to burst forth with all new ways of communicating ideas. Be sure to monetize them and add the funds to your new savings account. Continue to research and maybe add something new to your portfolio before the end of the month. Be sure to repair your personal vehicles.

Advice for everyone - During the next five months I encourage every Sun Sign to take control of your personal environment and reclaim your power. January 14th and 15th are good days to open a savings account to deposit the extra funds you earn this month.

Household Hint : Thrifty is the new status symbol!

More for all other signs: Each Sun Sign has predictions of the challenges and successes for you during the month ahead in our Fiscal Cents column on the web site.

We suggest that you also read your Ascendant (your Rising sign), as well as your Sun sign on our web site - to read your sun sign's forecast on our web site go to: www.astrologicalinvesting.com/html/Fiscalcents.html.

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Be sure to read your horoscope to find out what is ahead for YOU and your finances this coming lunar month! Click here to read Astrological Fiscal Cents.


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