Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easy Predictions with Solar Returns

The chart pictured above is the Solar Return for the Dow Index's birthday May 27. It will be 115 years old. For its 2010 Solar Return the planets were scattered in every house of its chart making every aspect possible. The Dow had a low of 9600 and a recent high of almost 13,000. Wild and crazy all over Wall Street. With a stellium in the 12th trine Saturn it looks like they will be cleaning up a lot of garbage and muddle through all the challenges to their authority. See if you can make a prediction. OK ? Then share your thoughts.

If the horoscope has an accurate time of birth then calculating and reading a solar return is an excellent way to find some interesting information about your year ahead. Four planets in the fifth house suggests I will have lots of fun in 2011. Who knows maybe I will sell some stocks and buy new ones. That would be fun. As a matter of fact I've already made a 10% profit selling one stock and buying another. After all my birthday was six weeks ago.

Corporate Solar Returns

OK the idea works with my chart and it definitely works with friends and family charts, but what about the charts of companies. One problem we have with very old companies is an accurate time of day when they were incorporated. Without a good time then the Solar Return is not very useful. However, companies incorporated in Delaware are given a time stamp and Mike Munkasey has recorded these times in his Company Data Base. Let's take a look at a few Dow stocks and quickly back test their Solar Return.

Boeing had Jupiter Uranus conjunct in the second house of it 2010 solar return. They had a record amount of orders and tested their Dreamliner 787. In 2011 they are set to build a new facility in South Carolina and Saturn is in the 4th house of the 2011 return suggesting that this will be a difficult situation throughout the year ahead.

Caterpillar had Saturn in the 4th house of its 2011 return and they are steeped in controversy with the high taxes in their home state Illinois even threatening to move. 2011 promises to be an exciting year at Caterpillar with 5 planets in the 10th and Venus in the 8th promising pending orders will be completed and money paid. During 2010 Caterpillar had a first house stellium in its solar return and the company became well known in the marketplace with its ability to sell earthmoving equiptment. Pluto in the 11th said the stockholders were very happy as the price of the stock went up 50% and their dividends increased.

Dell has spent most of its 2010 Solar return working at home getting its house in order with Saturn, Sun Mercury and Venus in the 4th. Advertising has been good with Jupiter and Uranus in the 9th but Moon in the 10th shows leadership at all levels constantly changing. 2011 looks a lot better with planets in each of the money houses. Their sales will improve and finally they will take new product risks.

The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 3 has all of the Dow charts included. Dell, Boeing and Caterpillar are Dow stocks. You may even purchase just the charts for the Dow in a separate book.

Easy Predictions with Solar Returns is written for the charts of humans not companies, but if you read the suggestions for each planet in a house thinking how would a company use this energy it will help you see the year ahead for some of the Blue Chips you may own or maybe the company where you work.

Guess my 5th house Solar Return stellium is working overtime. This was a fun blog to write. If you are an old timer at Financial Astrology and the numbers are bluring before your eyes, take a minute and give the Inc. chart for your companies a Solar Return.


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