Saturday, October 15, 2011

Financial Astrology makes the Game FUN

"You have to get into the game" Jim Cramer CNBC

Financial astrology gives you the confidence to get into the game and it even adds to the fun of watching and investing in the markets.
Consider August when Mercury was retrograde and everyone was positive the markets would tank. However you read the Leo New Moon report at You knew this was a temporary phenomena. August had a very normal Mercury rx. About seven days into the 21 day cycle the markets hit a low, creeped along the low for a few days and then when Mercury went direct they returned to almost the same index number.
In the Leo New Moon news letter at Astrological Investing we explained the astrological phenomena and suggested that traders take a vacation.

Calendar Game
You will notice that each month we publish a calendar on the blog. Each day lists the time when the Moon makes an exact aspect to any planet as well as the times when planets make exact aspects to each other. Our students print the calendar then mark each day as to whether they think the markets will be up or down. They use the knowledge they gain from the Textbook for Financial Astrology as well as the rules they acquire from the Idiot and the Moon. After a few months of practice and a bit of back testing they might miss a day or two, but usually they catch even the interday changes in direction of the indexes.

Portfolio Game
Another game where students enjoy testing their knowledge is the portfolio game. Each of the e trading sites offers a practice portfolio where you can design a pretend portfolio and then try all of their bells and whistles. Our students learn how to chose stocks that are at a low and have a good chance of increasing in value. They learn to predict when to buy then when to sell the stock for a profit with the calendar as an additional tool to determine the mood of the markets.

Back testing Cycles
Every Financial Astrologer will explain how they back tested astrological patterns and arrived at their prediction for a particular aspect that will appear in the near future. This method works. It is also fun. However, before you put down real money you need to learn how to read the calendar and understand how each planet effects the progress of the markets.
Starting with the Textbooks for Financial Astrology, and the taking a class or two it takes only a few months to learn the basics and then it is a matter of practice, practice, practice. My testimonial: "Yelling at my TV or Radio guru's is fun especially when my astrological reason is right and they are wrong.
Financial astrology classes based on Kaye Shinker's Textbook for Financial Astrology
FA 101 - Sun: Nov 6 8:00pm EDT FA 101 - Mon: Nov
7 12:00 pm and also 8:00 pm FA 102 - Tues: Nov 8 8:00 pm EDT(other classes can be arranged. Email Kaye about classes - )
Classes run 6 weeks in order for you to experience the effects for astrological changes in the market.
Classes are about 2 hours. We discuss the Textbook for Financial Astrology
Lessons and how they apply to real time in today's markets. After class I send you our dialogue.
Classes are one on one, and last about 1 1/2 hours. Your computer can
record our conversation. We discuss the Textbook lessons two at a time and how
each lesson applies to trading and investing. The objective is to learn the
value of timing the markets and to help you gain the self-assurance required to
buy, sell or hold.
Lesson 1 starts with the basic astrological concept of Void of Course Moon and Mercury Retrograde. Both are trader's red flags.


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