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The New Moon in Aries 2012

Read this New Moon report in it's entirety at    New Moon forecasts show the general trends and financial outlook for the lunar month based upon location of the chart.* (see note )

Let's look at the New Moon chart from the point of view of Wall Street and the NYSE.

A reality fix.

The move out of Pisces and into Aries is strong. This energy brings to mind the line from the movie Moonstruck, where Cher slaps Nicolas Cage saying, "Snap out of it!"

Snap out of it, indeed! Aries, ruled by Mars, is strong, assertive and aggressive, and acts very differently from a dreamy, all-inclusive, Make-Love-Not-War Piscean. This is a wake up call into reality. The Sun is exalted in

Aries and is ruled by Mars energetically acting on his own behalf.

The New Moon conjunct Mercury and Uranus in the 11th house

So, here we have a New Moon chart at 2 degrees Aries, Mercury at 0 Aries, and Uranus at 4 Aries. Zero degrees Aries is the Aries Point, considered an intensely strong degree. All these planets are conjunct the Aries Point, bringing a rush of cardinal energetic energy strongly to the forefront in this horoscope.

This is a hyper-active New Moon. This energetic stellium, four planets in the 11th house, increase volume in the market, and trading activity in sectors ruled by Aries may be frenetic. Markets will over-react to sudden surprising news, and with Mercury Retrograde the information may be inaccurate or have to be revised.

Randall Ashbourne states in his article, Using Daily Aspect Calendars to Time Intraday Trades, "The moon's effect in Aries is aggressive and the Moon travelling in Aries can start a move in a direction likely to last for a couple of days. Since Uranus is now in Aries, the Moon and Uranus will be in the same section of the sky, a conjunction, and the action is likely to be both sudden and surprising."

Planets in the eleventh house have investors focusing their attention on dividends, bonuses and earnings from investments. (From the Textbook for Financial Astrology, IV)

Earnings should meet or do better than expectations.

Mercury continues it's retrograde movement from Aries, re-entering Pisces.  However, in Aries Mercury is in a mutual reception with Mars in Virgo. Planets in mutual reception have a stronger, more intense relationship with each other. They work together extremely well, behaving themselves like honored guests in each others houses.

What to expect with this mutual reception?  Well, Mercury in Pisces is in detriment - because it is in the sign opposite its sign of natural rulership - and is at a disadvantage. However, when Mercury returns to Aries, Mars in Virgo will support Mercury's energy.  Mercury will sharpen up, and communication should be a bit more focused. Mars in Virgo however, gets the most benefit from this mutual reception, but still the energy can be impulsive and very passive-aggressive - and inaccurate! - due to the retrograde. We will see a lot of pickiness and pettiness being reported by the media.

Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Taurus in the 12th house

Venus in Taurus can hardly be any happier! This is her own sign and she is in heaven in the 12th house, as Jupiter affectionately dotes. Jupiter brings an abundance of all things Venus in Taurus adores – money and material possessions. This conjunction trine Mars and Pluto is indicative of the financial sector doing well, as well as luxury retail and material goods. Heath care is the topic of discussion.

Mars in the 4th in opposition to Neptune the 10th house

Mars is retrograde, and the market is running on it's last leg. The general public is very concerned and wants to see continued strength. Mars in Virgo demands that corporations and government clean up waste.

Mars in the 4th house is unfortunate for real estate. The housing market will struggle.

Weather in New York should be very wet!

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  • Pluto in the 8th house  trine to Venus-Jupiter and Mars
  • Neptune in the 10th house opposing Mars

*NOTE:  When studying the horoscopes of nations and large communities, New Moon charts take a step behind solar ingress charts.  

The entry of the Sun into the four cardinal signs of the zodiac - namely Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - is by far more significant. And of those four, the Aries Ingress chart is considered to be the most important by many astrologers. A horoscope for the Vernal Equinox - when the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Aries - is thought to be the foundation for all predictions during the year for that particular location.

There is some disagreement to that however. Kaye Shinker states in The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book IV, that for financial and business astrology, the Capricorn Ingress is what sets the stage for the coming year, and is most important.

In any case, the entry of the Sun into the four cardinal signs of the zodiac is very important indeed, as each of them give us a broad overview of what to expect in the seasonal months following each cardinal ingress. Read my latest article on the web site, The Spring Equinox, March 2012.

Moon phases

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