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Solstice, June 20, 2012, Chart Analysis with discussion of Astrological Events

June 20, 2012, Summer Solstice, Washington D.C.
Summer Solstice, June 20, 2012
Chart for Washington, D.C. USA
The first day of summer in the Northern hemisphere
*June 20, 2012 is the Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere
by Marlene Pfeifle, CAP
Uranus square Pluto is the astrological theme for this chart and for the summer. The season begins with, and ends with, a repeat of the Uranus square Pluto aspect in September. (see exact dates in list above) This aspect is MOST significant not only because it is the closest planetary aspect by degree, but because of the implication of its meaning.

What it suggests in the Washington D.C. chart is a summer filled with demonstrations and demands from the people. It's an election year, and people want change and reform in government. (The first house represents the people. Pluto is the demand for transformation and reform - the fourth house Uranus, is the restless urge for reform in their government.)

Actually, they want change and reform NOW - and their demands will persist.
A square aspect is tense, dynamic energy pitting the nature of the planets and the signs they are in against each other to force an outcome. Uranus in Aries is bold, impatient, impulsive and rebellious in the quest for individual freedom; Pluto in Capricorn, like a dark version of the comic book superhero, Superman, will only accept "Truth, Justice, and the American Way". Pluto will expose corruption and eliminate whatever is necessary for a positive end result. However, Pluto in Capricorn DOESN'T want to "throw the baby out with the bath water" and likes to move slowly and deliberately with control, destroying what stands in its path, but resisting impulsive, impatient rebel rousing and "change just for change sake".
       Randall Ashbourne describes Uranus - Pluto energy in his Eye of Ra Report, "... "I mentioned last weekend the symbolism of the Uranus-Pluto square as being an Aries/Capricorn confrontation of aggressive rebellions against "the powers that be" ... and I discussed in (my) Forecast 2012 how this had started with the so-called Arab Spring uprisings, which would continue to spread as they have in Syria and Bahrain, but how the same sort of energy would also manifest in other parts of the world.

And it's fairly obvious almost everywhere. There are all sorts of power struggles going on in China. Dissidents are getting bolder. Greece is an obvious Western example, but so is the growing angst in Germany. In terribly polite Britain, Prime Ministers former and current, have been called into the public forum to explain their relationship with the Murdoch empire and whether policy was traded for publicity.

Uranus represents an energy which demands change, reform and radical restructuring of everything it considers "wrong". In Aries, the demands are aggressive and, if thwarted, will turn to direct action ... from taking over the streets to taking up arms.

Pluto represents great power and great wealth concentrated very narrowly. In Capricorn, it is very much all about control by the plutocrats. There are nuances between nations in exactly how it manifests. In some of the Arab nations, it's pretty easy to pick the dictators." - Eye of Ra report, week beginning June 18, 2012"
- Eye of Ra report, week beginning June 18, 2012
It will be an intense summer in which the political climate will match the heat of the summer!

In the USA, political parties will officially nominate their presidential candidates at conventions - the Republican National Convention, during week of August 27; the Democratic National convention, during the week of September 3, 2012. With Pluto and Uranus in cardinal signs, we can expect ruthless, negative campaigns and rowdy demonstrations.

June 24 - Uranus square Pluto at 8° Capricorn (exact) - This is the first of a series of waxing squares between Uranus and Pluto during 2012 - March 2015.
    According to Raymond Merriman in his book, Forecast 2012, "..this is the most challenging time for world leaders to resolve their economic and political crises. In such a venerable climate, Gold is apt to remain a safe haven. Investors and speculators will seek protection by diversifying their portfolios with precious metals. A time that stands out in 2012 is the last tens days of June."

Uranus in the fourth house suggests the possibility of unusual, disruptive, destructive weather.  One never really can predict Uranus energy as it represents what is unexpected.  Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and loss of electricity due to the unusual weather are possible. Have a first aid kit handy, along with plenty of batteries, and extra food and water supplies in case of emergency. Keep your fuel tank filled in case you need to evacuate quickly.

Uranus turns retrograde July 13 When Uranus turns retrograde, Kaye Shinker taught that for the markets "about 4 days before the exact retrograde Uranus reverses the market trend.  Following the Rx motion 80% of the time the markets creep up."(The Textbook for Financial Astrology)

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