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The New Moon in Leo, 2012

Astrological Investing New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month
The New Moon in Leo, August 17 - Chart from the point of view of Wall Street and the NYSE.
Try to drive a race car with the parking brake on.
How fast can you go?

Mars conjoins Saturn August 14th, and the co-rulers of this New Moon chart - Mars and Pluto - are not in good condition.
There are serious difficulties suggesting problems that will undoubtedly affect the US market this month.

Read this weekend's Eye of Ra Report - "High-energy aspects will hit mid-week, week beginning August 13, 2012, or read it on this blog

August finds most of us looking forward to cooler weather, the next season, and children going back to school. Uranus is in the fourth house of the Summer Solstice Chart (click to read article) suggesting the unusual, disruptive, and destructive weather we have been having. This will continue throughout the rest of the summer.

An Astrological Trip Around the New Moon in Leo Chart

In Mundane Astrology the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses are most important, with the tenth house having a special reference to the ruler of the country, the government in power, and the national honor and reputation of the country.

New Moon in the tenth house, sextile Mars and Saturn
When a lunation occurs in the tenth, it is favorable unless afflicted by aspects to Mars, Saturn, or the outer planets. With a sextile to Mars and Saturn there is opportunity for the Obama administration to exert greater power, but this does not garner him any popularity.

The last exact aspect the Moon makes before entering the zodiac sign of Virgo is the sextile with Mars at 1:54 pm - meaning, the last hours of the trading day of the NYSE the Moon will be Void of Course. The market becomes unpredictable during a Void of Course Moon. Anything can happen.

Mars is conjunct Saturn in the twelfth house - Very problematic.
This conjunction occurs every two years, often twice in the same sign. The last Mars-Saturn conjunction took place at 0° Libra. On the positive side, personally, this astrological energy provides self discipline and diplomacy, negatively it is frustrated energy that builds and finally explodes. In mundane astrology it suggests serious national difficulties and discontent, exerting its strongest influence on countries ruled by the sign - in this case, Libra. Modern mundane astrology ascribes China to Libra.

Riots, crimes, murders and outrages increase. The government in power may act autocratically.

Saturn in the twelfth house, having special reference to conspiracies, secret enemies of the government, hospitals, and prisons, suggests unpopularity of government officials, heads of state, prominent national figures and a loss of national prestige.

Mercury in the ninth house near the MC - An increase in commerce and shipping.

Venus in the ninth house square Uranus and opposing Pluto.
We will experience the energy of this aspect two days BEFORE the New Moon as volatility in the market on the 15th and 16th. Along with the conjunction of Mars and Saturn on the 14th, the last days before the New Moon are filled with tension and stress which will impact the market negatively.

Venus in the ninth house with difficult aspects will produce problems possibly involving foreign trade, taxation of exports/imports and scandals, which may involve diplomats, and important religious and legal persons.

Jupiter in the eighth house - Increase in tax revenues.

Neptune in the fourth house - A fluctuation in political feeling. Failure and discredit to prominent people in government.

Wet weather may relieve areas in need of rain.

Pluto square Uranus - this is the astrological theme of the summer.
Though not exact until September, this waxing aspect is heating things up. In the USA, political parties will officially nominate their presidential candidates at conventions - the Republican National Convention, during week of August 27; the Democratic National convention, during the week of September 3, 2012. With Pluto and Uranus in cardinal signs, what we are experiencing is ruthless, negative campaigns and rowdy demonstrations. The 2012 campaign season has candidates themselves throwing punches.

Pluto in the third house - The powerful shift of favored sectors is strong -
Railways, shipping, telephone services, and all matters under the influence of Gemini will become the talk of Wall Street.

Uranus in the fifth house - Volatility in the market, traders do the unexpected.

Commentary - At we teach financial astrology as a timing tool to use. Reading a mundane horoscope for the lunar month gives us a broad picture of the astrological landscape we expect to encounter during the month. However understanding the potential of planetary cycles and what the technical charts tell us is our best bet for successful trading. We need to see the whole picture.

Randall Ashbourne's charts are revealing illustrations of exactly what has occurred in the market and the probability of what to expect - Each weekend, my associate, Randall Ashbourne writes a stock market forecast in his Eye of Ra Report on his web site, The information on the web site is free, I hope you take advantage of the valuable information he shares in his books and on the web site.

Moon Phases (for our subscribers who trade using phases of the Moon) New Moon August 17 - 1st quarter Moon, August 24; Full Moon, August 31; Last quarter Moon, September 8; Next New Moon, September 15.

Note: New Moon periods tend to be a positive time for the markets, often coinciding with temporary highs relative to the direction the market is trending. There are many of you who have been trading with the phases of the Moon and having much success; and you know by reading Randall's The Idiot and the Moon that there are times when it doesn't always work out that way! (Read Randall Ashbourne's article, The Moods of the Moon - Trading the Mood Swings of the Monthly Lunar Cycle be sure to purchase his eBook, The Idiot and the Moon)

"..The New Moon in Leo has a much higher than expected correlation to short-term trading troughs, from which the DJIA tends to rally..." Raymond Merriman, in his book, The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing -Solar/Lunar Correlations to Short Term Trading Reversals

"Moon in LEO - Is the sign of speculation and gambling. Once again, the “mood” shifts and some market will move. It won’t necessarily be stocks, because Leo rules gold." Randall Ashbourne, in his article on the blog, Using Daily Aspect Calendars to Time Intraday Trades

HEADS UP! - Upcoming astrological events

August 14, 15, 16 - Two important transits coming up are Mars conjunct Saturn August 14, and Venus in a T-square with Pluto and Uranus. As I stated in the New Moon chart interpretation, "volatility in the market on the 15th and 16th. Along with the conjunction of Mars and Saturn on the 14th, the last days before the New Moon are filled with tension and stress which will impact the market negatively."

Jupiter is now in Gemini - Important reading, Randall Ashbourne's article, Jupiter's cycle and its effects on Wall Street Studies have proven that stocks in a sector ruled by the zodiac sign that Jupiter is transiting in do well, and stocks that are ruled by the zodiac sign that Saturn is transiting in pull back. Now is the time to look at stocks that typically do well when Jupiter is in Gemini. In September we need to reevaluate Stocks in the Scorpio sector as Saturn ingresses into Scorpio October 5.

Astro Economics Stock Market Newsletter does the research for you! Regardless if it is a Bear or Bull market, there are always stocks that outperform. Gemini sectors include Advertising, Media (including social media), Telecommunication, Transportation (airline, railroad, truck & auto), Education, Leisure, Travel, Retail-Internet, Technology and Information Services.

From Grace Morris' Astro Economics August Stock Market Newsletter
"WATCH FOR NEW LEADERS TO EMERGE We are in a new cycle (Jupiter in Gemini 6/12/12-6/26/13) so it is time to watch new leaders emerge as favored sectors change. Some leaders have already begun to advance...
Although grocery stores today carry these products, the businesses that concentrate on healthy and organic seem to have an edge. Foods fit in the previous Jupiter in Taurus cycle but organic fits in the new mutable Jupiter in Gemini cycle which includes the sign of Virgo with its emphasis on healthy."

Grace Morris' trading edge in predicting the next set of favorable sectors is using planetary cycle analysis. Also, using Value Line and the Investors Business Daily as tools her recommended stocks are those favored sectors. Click to purchase Grace Morris' Astro Economics Stock Market Newsletter

Other resources - Michael Munkasey's Company Data Complete data - IPO dates and dates of incorporation on all the stocks in the NYSE.  

Safe Trading! Marley 
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