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The Autumnal Equinox, September 22, 2012

Chart for Washington, D.C. USA

Chart Analysis with discussion of Astrological Events

Listed in the Astrological Events of the Season is the September 19, 2012 Uranus square Pluto aspect at 7° Aries/Capricorn. Click here for list.

Though exact before the Equinox, this aspect remains an important influence throughout 2012, up through 2015. It is significant because of the implication of its meaning globally as well as at home.

The Autumnal Equinox, Wednesday, September 22 at 10:48:58 am EDT, Washington D.C.
“What all the wise men promised has not happened,
and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.” – Lord Melbourne

Charles E. O. Carter, the great Twentieth Century British Astrologer, states in the book, Mundane Astrology, The Astrology of Nations and States, "Uranus represents the administration of power, the administrative officers of the State and all their functions." Additionally Carter goes on to say, "Uranus rules power on the physical plane - dynamos and all power generators." With such electric energy, Uranus is as unpredictable as lightning. When afflicted by difficult aspects Uranus is rebellious and anarchic. 

Pluto desires to control power, using power to control. With an affinity to the Underworld, it reveals what is hidden and dark, bringing elements into the light making what was powerful now vulnerable, thus easier to tame, reform, transform or destroy. Pluto, like Mars, is a planet of war, but much, much more ruthless. With it's scorched earth policy Pluto brings about transformation, but only after destruction of what lies in it's path.

Randall Ashbourne writes, "Uranus represents an energy which demands change, reform and radical restructuring of everything it considers "wrong". In Aries, the demands are aggressive and, if thwarted, will turn to direct action ... from taking over the streets to taking up arms. Pluto represents great power and great wealth concentrated very narrowly. In Capricorn, it is very much all about control by the plutocrats... " - Eye of Ra report, week beginning June 18, 2012

So, what we have in this season ahead is a time greatly influenced by tense, dynamic energy pitting the nature of these two planets and the signs they are in against each other to force an outcome. It is quite understandable then, that the world has been confronted with economic and political crises.

Bold, impatient, impulsive and rebellious Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn has brought about the reigniting of anti-Japan protesters across China; has exposed the euro as a divisive force instead of what was to be a uniting force for European countries; and has driven deeply divided political parties in the USA to face off in a nasty, bitter battle for the White House while America faces a fiscal cliff ahead regardless who wins. It has brought about the Arab Spring uprisings, and now extremely anti-American sentiment and tension in the Middle-East. We now are experiencing what some journalists have named "the Arab Winter". 

"U.S. embassies and consulates have been breached this week in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Tunisia — the same four countries to rid themselves of decades-long dictatorships in what became known as the Arab Spring of revolutions last year. In Libya, the only place the U.S. used its military to ensure regime change, the violence was the worst, claiming the life of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other embassy staffers." The Washington Post, September 14

The Equinox chart is rife with difficulty. Sun in opposition to Uranus square Pluto with Mars on the Ascendant in Scorpio. Markets will go on a wild ride, gold and silver prices will rise and fall and people are in an aggressive mood...

The Equinox Sun for Washington, D.C. appears in the Eleventh house with Mercury
The Sun in good aspect here should be beneficial for Washington D.C., however five days later, on September 29 the Sun forms an exact T-Square with the Uranus-Pluto aspect. National and International news is filled with stores of anti-American protests and of a presidential campaign that only gets nastier.

Mercury goes retrograde on election day and that isn't good news for the candidates. The last time Mercury stationed retrograde on election day was in 2000! And we all know how that went...

Mars (co-chart ruler with Pluto) in the first house square Venus in the ninth - An aggressive spirit has risen in the people regarding domestic matters and matters abroad. With riots, strikes, fires, assaults, and rumors of war, military affairs attract attention and battleships are launched. Financial questions affecting foreign relations cause debate and concern.

Moon in the Second House sextile Saturn in the twelfth - Economic worries are soothed by the Fed's release of more money into the market to influence financial affairs generally. This adds to the ever increasing political power of the Fed.

The national debt and the economy is an important campaign issue, but what women "value" and what their needs are an important part of the debate in the presidential election.

Saturn enters Scorpio on October 5 - Real and responsible reform regarding financial policy must be dealt with as Saturn transits Scorpio over the next three years. Debt, regulations in banking, and taxation are areas that both political parties must confront.

Pluto in the Second house square Uranus in the fifth house - suggests a possible increase in military spending and a discontent over national extravagance. Possible loss in equities in the stock exchange causes precious metals to soar. Disputes over financial questions and taxation cause concern.

Neptune in the fourth house - This is good for crops if the weather remains temperate and damp, but there is a possibility of cold, damp weather. Not only is there a good deal of fluctuation in temperature, but in the political climate as well!

Jupiter in the eighth house sextile Venus in the ninth house -Opportunities for financial relations with foreign countries improve. This is fortunate for trade and the shipping industry.

Happy Halloween, October 31, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving, USA November 22, 2012

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