Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year ... and the Forecast

Randall Ashbourne, an associate of Astrological Investing, posts a weekly market report on his web site, The following is this weekend's Eye of RA report: Week beginning December 31, 2012

Thank you for your company during 2012 and best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

Forecast 2013 will be available next weekend, it will be priced at $20, and for those of you prefer hard copies, there'll be no restriction on printing the document.

And the format will be different from last year. 

While the major trend change dates for the year are listed, there is a month-by-month breakdown of the key astrological transits, New Moon and Full Moon dates, and a list of critical reversal dates for each month.

I have analysed Moon Trading performance across 12 of the world's major indices, including gold, and the results are stunning. They identify which indices should NOT be traded using lunar phases, as well as identifying those markets where the normal rules need to be tweaked to maximise profits.

And I will reveal, I think for the first time anywhere, stunning planetary price charts which set the upside and downside movements in the price of gold.

There will be individual long-range price target charts for 12 indices, including the SP500, NDX, FTSE, DAX, CAC, Nifty, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai ... and the ASX200 and TSX60.

In the meantime ...

Well, Santa has been busy delivering bags of goodies to everyone who was nice during the year.

Except he apparently thinks some people who work in Washington are just a bit naughty. American markets waver at the edge of the fiscal cliff like lemmings in denial of their genetic imperative.

Still, the big picture is that the SP500 remains in an uptrend.

click for larger image

The chart above shows Pollyanna continuing to ride the internal Fibonacci lines of a rising pitchfork. And below we have a close-up.

click for larger image

There have been three breaks below the internal Fibonacci levels marked in red - and all of those breaks have been recovered quickly since the pitchfork was established following the May/October decline of 2011.

The 500 is approaching that layer once again, with traders unsure whether US politicians can compromise on the tax increases and spending cuts due to start taking effect in January.

While hope remains alive, there's a chance the lower red level will continue to provide support for the rally angle. If not, that job will fall to the lower tyne of the pitchfork, currently priced around 1340/1350.
click for larger image

The Weekly Planets chart for Pollyanna shows a couple of Saturn lines around that level to provide additional support. However, there is a stronger layer around 1378.

It will take another couple of weeks for these columns to return to a more normal mode. My mind is still tuned to looking at the broad picture for a whole range of indices over the course of the next year.

See you in 2013!

Safe trading - RA

Randall Ashbourne
Astrological Investing's associate, Randall Ashbourne, author of the eBook, The Idiot and The Moon, writes a free weekly column titled, The Eye of Ra on his web site in  which he explains the potential impact of astrological aspects and the current state of technical conditions. Ashbourne's charts are revealing illustrations of exactly what has occurred in the market and the probability of what to expect.
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(Disclaimer: This article is not advice or a recommendation to trade stocks; it is merely educational material.)
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