Friday, January 4, 2013

eBook Review - The Idiot & the Moon Forecast 2013

review by Marlene Pfeifle, CAP

Randall Ashbourne's goal for all traders is to increase profitability while protecting capital - and he goes out of his way to help us all do exactly that in 2013!

If you have been following the weekend Eye of Ra reports you already know by now that Randall doesn't hold back - 
interjecting  his Aussie sense of humor when discussing the various markets.  He makes reading what normally would be a very dry subject - Financial Astrology - quite fun.

I've described his book, The Idiot & The Moon as absolutely brilliant, and his latest book, The Idiot & The Moon, Forecast 2013 doesn't disappoint.  Regardless where the planets are, or what the planets are "doing", Randall gives us step-by-step, page by page, exactly what we need to know in order to make money each month.  It is unbelievably easy to read, yet absolutely FILLED with everything we need to know in 2013 from January through December.

To start off, he gives us in his chapter, Welcome to The Idiot & The Moon Forecast 2013:
  • The Bradley Model major trend change dates as well as his  own prediction for critical reversal dates.
  • A month-by-month breakdown of the key dates in the hope it proves to be more useful in identifying shorter-term trend changes.
  • Also new to the forecast this year: for the first time anywhere, the long-range "Old Gods" charts which determine both the trend direction and the price targets for gold. 
  • He analyses the performance of his Moon Trading model across 12 major world stock indices (including gold) during the past year … showing exactly which markets produce the highest profits and, perhaps even more importantly, those indices which should NOT be traded using the Moods of The Moon.
  • A comprehensive chapter on the role of Mars in various stock indices and research which indicates a high-level tendency of Mars in Cardinal signs to change the direction of the prevailing trend … along with a list of dates for when the action planet will enter and leave those action signs.
  • He takes a  look again at The Jupiter Cycle, and weighs it against the historical performance of Saturn in Scorpio, whose past presence in that sign over the last century has produced extremely strong Bull runs.
  • He gives us long-range "Old Gods" charts tailored to the major Western and Asian indices to provide the price targets for sustained moves in either direction.
  • And he says to us as always ..."Let me remind you though of what should be, by now, a familiar refrain …In my mind, technical conditions always override astrological expectations!"
His analysis is simple, yet succinct - helping us understand complicated analysis while describing a very colorful world of markets where "Old Gods Rule".

 Don't miss this Forecast, for a mere $20.00 you will get many, many times that back!

And... as Randall says, "Safe Trading!"


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