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Within mere points of a possible turn south

Randall Ashbourne, an associate of Astrological Investing, posts a weekly market report on his web site,  The following is this weekend's Eye of RA report: Week beginning June 9,  2014 

Long story short ... Pollyanna and the DAX are now smooching long-range planetary lines likely to halt the rally.

We'll take a look at the relevant charts in a moment, but first spend a moment or two on the Spooky Stuff.

This weekend, the little mischief maker, Mercury, turns retrograde for the rest of the month, so it's time for the usual warnings.

Firstly, double-check everything you do and take a few extra seconds to concentrate on whether you're about to do what you actually intended to do. Expect technical signals to fail and data to go awry. And remember that a trend which starts around the Rx date is prone to reversal midway through the cycle (which ends in early July).

Midweek the Moon goes into Sagittarius for a couple of days. That usually means wide-range days when either the fear or the optimism is unduly exaggerated.

The end of the week brings the normally negative period of a Full Moon, along with a Venus opposed to Saturn aspect on the same day. And next Saturday, Mars will square Pluto ... the war drums start sounding again.

This weekend's edition will be brief, since we'll concentrate on Pollyanna, the SP500, and Germany's DAX ... both of which ended last week in a lip-lock with long-range planetary price levels which should, in a normal world, cause a major stall in the rally.

It's not, of course, a normal world. Mario Draghi has finally done what he's been hinting at for a year ... charging to put money in the bank.

For the moment it applies only to banks lodging money with the European Central Bank. But that's only the first step. The ultimate aim of the banksters is to charge people for keeping money in the bank.

The velocity of money ... the number of times the same dollar changes hands ... has slowed to a crippled crawl. In effect, when times are good, people are confident of the future and they spend. So, every dollar changes hands very quickly. When people are worried, they don't spend, they hoard ... and the velocity of money slows down.

Draghi has finally taken the first step, ostensibly to force banks to start lending, rather than parking their money in central vaults. He has opened the door for banks to start charging customers to make deposits, rather than paying even meagre interest on those deposits.

Nevermind. We've been looking recently at some of my long-range planetary price charts and I suggested there were certain key levels which "should" be hit.

The two leading Western indices are now there, short of the marks by only a few dollars. Let's look first at the 500. Polly just blew past a primary Saturn priced near 1930 on the weekly charts and is now close to hitting a Node line at 1952.

I've circled her "normal" reaction to hitting these Node levels in the past. They tend to cause a stall or a sharp drop.

The price range from 1952 to 2006 represents a long-range Node "zone" and there are a couple of major Mars price levels within that zone. The alternative to a downturn is a period of range-trading within the zone.

The next chart is for Germany's DAX, which hit a new peak at 10,013.69 on Thursday, only a couple of points away from one of the targets I showed in Forecast 2014. This is a major Pluto level; the DAX is hitting it with growing divergence in the long-range Big Bird oscillator.

The next chart is pure favoritism. It's my home index, the ASX200 ... and still the index can't stay north of the weekly Saturn barrier, priced at 5519 for the coming week.

And, finally for this weekend, a quick look at gold's daily. I indicated last weekend it was at, or close to, a potential bounce level since price had come down to a horizontal Pluto level and could get some help from a rising, secondary Sun line. And that's what we have ... for the moment!

How long the bounce will last I have no idea. Another breakdown is probably even more likely than a northbound breakout, simply because of the technical damage done during the recent price drop.

I suppose we could waffle at length about gold. About how the first small load of gold returned to Germany had the wrong stamps on it. Y'see the gold stored at Fort Knox ... rolling around the floor laughing ... and in New York is hallmarked with the owner's brand and it's exactly those bars which are supposed to be returned to them.

It's not what Germany actually got back. According to other reports, vast numbers of big gold bars, carrying various central bank hallmarks, are being put through the Swiss smelters ... and are coming out the other end stamped with Chinese hallmarks.

In fact, if some reports are credible, China is accumulating more physical gold than the total annual supply from all the world's mines. If that's true, there's only one explanation ... they're stockpiling "old gold". Yes, the stuff that's supposed to be sitting in the New York and London vaults.

I guess that means, for us, that when the banks start imposing their SuperMario levy, it's not going to be 0.15%.

Randall Ashbourne
Safe trading - RA

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