Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Venus Retrograde Pisces New Moon

Pisces Fiscal Cents

When I wrote the Fiscal Cents column this month I realized that Venus had decided to retrograde in Aries the sign of its detriment. Venus just really gets all self-centered in Aries. Venus in Aries likes to have a sugar daddy and/or a trophy wife. Venus in Aries throws money at a problem and doesn't even want to know the unintended consequences. They will live on the edge and say to you "what is the worst thing that can happen? "

Venus spends a long time in Aries. If your birthday is between March 5 and April 17 Venus will be retrograde in your Solar Return. This means that for one entire birthday cycle you have no sense of color, design, or thrift with your earned income. You can be a walking patsy unless you have a very clever partner or buddy who will look after your checkbook.

Of course each Solar Return will have the Retrograde Venus in a different house and that is where you will be most vulnerable. At the bookstore on our website you can purchase a little book Easy Predictions with Solar Return by Deanna Rose and the reading you glean from there will help you through the next 12 months.

Enough of the personal stuff, what about a business with an incorporation date between March 5 and April 17? Not a good investment this year. Could be a terrific Dow 30 company like GE or Intel but they really are going to have a tough time earning money. The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 tells about Venus retrograde and Book 3 has the charts for the Dow 30..


  1. wow... just the exact info i needed. thank you

  2. what happens after the 17th, does the entire marke rally get reversed?

  3. According to Ray Merriman, similar to the Rx period, the Direct period of Venus correlates often with reversals. He indicates that "Venus Direct has a rather tight orb of influence to sharp swings in stock prices" and advises traders to be especially aware of the market falling into this period.

    Right now we are in the middle of the Venus Rx period, and typically we begin to see a pull back of any rally that may have begun.

    And, Technically we see that a short term top is approaching.

    We are looking at a cluster of planetary aspects taking place in April. There is a Fibonacci turn date around Easter that is very significant and it corresponds to the week of Venus turning Direct.

    I anticipate seeing a pull back (and it seems to have begun) then another rally leg up.

    Short term I am personally looking for opportunities to go long (on the pull back) and hopefully raise some cash by taking profits and then get out of the market.

    The Venus cycle doesn't correspond to longer term cycles and one always needs to pay attention to what else is going on.

    We are nearing the middle of a Saturn Pluto cycle, which will mark the begining of the waning phase of this 19 year cycle.

    Long term we are in for what I believe will be even a more dramatic turn downside in the market as Pluto Uranus and Saturn move into a T square aspect.

    Read Randall Ashbourne's report, "The World At Large, January 9, 2009 posted on our web site at:

  4. Marley is right. However there are gems hiding in the NYSE and NASDAQ list of 7500 stocks. Venus rx is just as great for research as Mercury rx. One place to start looking is companies where there has been an abrupt change in management.


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