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Welcome to Astrological Investing's Blog

Welcome to Astrological Investing's blog. We'll be blogging on current astrological events, financial astrology, and posting excerpts from articles found at our financial astrology articles page on the home site.

Each month when she sends the New Moon newsletter to subscribers, Marley will post the upcoming monthly calendars of daily planetary aspects for the NYSE, FTSE and the ASX time zones. (Even though these will be posted for your use, we still recommend having a Llewellyn Astrological Calendar, - and if you haven't purchased your 2009 calendar yet, it can be purchased from's Amazon affiliated bookstore.)

For a while now, we have felt that really needed a blog - changing and updating the web site pages for a few paragraphs with astrological comments at random times is only easily done in a blogging format. Also, along with our blogging comes the ability for members and visitors to comment or ask questions.

We determined that 8:15 on Saturday February 21, 2009 would be the day to announce and launch the blog. (Click on the chart image to see it zoomed to full size.)

Launching the Blog and Chart Interpretation

What we really wanted, of course, was perfect timing for the initial launch of this blog. And being astrologers one would figure we would have control of our future and success with being able to choose the perfect timing, right?

Well there are limits in this mortal world - and perfection is hard to come by. And...well, from experience, we have learned that some of our best designs have been laughed at, not just by mortals, but by the Gods themselves - or whatever Supreme Power there is up there making sure that mere mortals are humbled if they dare aspire Hubris. (Of course, when we made our mistakes we learned the very hardest, first-hand way to do astrological research!)

Looking at an ephemeris for the year 2009, we found nothing resembling "Perfect" timing. Saturn's opposition with Uranus along with retrograde periods of Mercury and Venus threw out more than half the year!

And yet we felt strongly about the addition of this blog.

So, in the light of the astrological landscape, if we really wanted to launch a blog in 2009 - and we did - we felt we needed to give it our best shot in February when there would be a huge line-up of Aquarian planets, and an extraordinary cluster of mutual receptions.

Jupiter and Neptune in mutual reception being in each others traditionally ruled signs; Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception in each others modern ruled signs; Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter Aquarius in mutual reception in a mix of rulerships! Saturn and Mercury in each others traditionally ruled signs.

Also, the Saturn Uranus opposition would be separating.

Not a perfect chart, but one with plenty of promise.

The Aries Point - Looking at the chart you will see that the angles are at 0 degrees in Cardinal signs. Cardinal Points will add a thrust of "prominence" to the blog. The Aries Point (which is what 0 degrees Cardinal is called) certainly gives it a full promise of our blog being viewed!

Venus rules the chart with Libra on the Ascendant. Although Venus is not strong nor particularly happy in the zodiac sign of Aries (she is considered in "detriment" in Aries) all that is set aside, as she is lifted up and "accidentally" dignified by her angular presence in her Natural home, the 7th house.

The Moon, although decreasing in light, will progress to conjunct the N Node, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Neptune before she reaches the Sun; and she too, is also "accidentally" dignified by her 4th house placement; and Venus and La Luna are involved in very promising sextile aspects in the horoscope.

Venus sextiles Jupiter and Mars; while the Moon is exact sextile to the Ascendant, ruled by Venus.

The Sun is in the imaginatively creative sign of Pisces in the 6th house; after having moved away from his detrimental sign of Aquarius, he trines the MC. For those Fixed Stars enthusiasts, notice the Sun is conjunct a fortunate fixed star, Formalhaut. Formalhuat can bring eminence, fortune and power, "it is often linked with a destiny towards occult or religious affairs and is said by Ebertin and Hoffman to offer success for scientists and writers".

Uranus is also in the 6th. Uranus rules the internet and many astrologers agree it rules astrology.

We interpret the placement of the Sun and Uranus in the 6th as an indicator of the very fact that the blog will serve the needs of the Home site - which is basically, a financial astrology teaching web site on the world wide web. Considering that the Sixth house rules High School education, and since we teach the basics of financial astrology - not at an "elementary nor university level" (and definitely not with the usual approach to understanding financial markets!), it seems fitting to have the Sun - and Uranus placed there.

Reminded of how much fun the 5th house is - a stellium resides in the 5th house - so we are planning to have some fun with this.

Gambling. Risk taking. Fifth house things. That is what discusses on a regular basis - We talk about investments, enterprises, reducing our risk in the market, and taking chances; we bet that with a combination of fundamental and technical analysis in concert with astrology we'll get it right and make some money.

The fifth house is a money house and it has to do with taking care of what you have earned and risking it on your idea. (And personally we feel that making money is a fun idea!)

Jupiter in the 5th is strong conjunct Mars; sextile Venus, gives us much luck - and from those aspects give us the courage to go where some may fear to tread.

Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Aquarius. *Ahem* need we say more? This is a BLOG for goodness sake! We have big ideas and plan to tell you all about them! We expect to quench your thirst for knowledge - and learn some stuff too. :-)

Pluto in the fourth, prominently placed on the IC square the Ascendant reflects the dramatic changes we are making with our web identity. Pluto is sextile the Sun promising Power in the way we express ourselves, and offering opportunity for self renewal when necessary. Pluto in the 4th also gives Power at home - which is where we work, and want it. It's where we do our stuff and take command of things.

The Uranus Saturn opposition is separating. In Horary astrology separating aspects represent the past. Though this is not a horary chart, we hope that we have learned our lessons of the past; and the tension created by these two Lords in the 6th and 12th houses expresses our desire to serve and teach. Moving forward into the future with respect for what we have learned in the past.

And is launched. February 21, 2009. 8:15 PM CST.

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