Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Four Horsemen of Technology

Jim Cramer on his CNBC Show, Mad Money, talks about four stocks he considers the hardest working stocks in the technology sector. Of course he is right, but I thought I would double check his idea to see if a financial astrologer agreed with his assessment.
Jim Cramer identifies The Four Horsemen of Tech
Apocalypse, Apple [AAPL 102.51], Google [GOOG 378.77] Research in Motion [RIMM 59.00 ] and [AMZN 66.71].

They are stocks that thrive. They thrive at the expense of their competitors. They work 24/7 when the rest of tech is on a seasonal hiatus.

ENIAC debut was Feb. 14, 1946.
Jupiter transiting Aquarius is really good for the computer industry. It started Feb 14 1946 when IBM introduced ENIAC to the public. This chart has Mercury Sun and Venus in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Gemini. Therefore Jupiter moving through Aquarius will put an emphasis on the invention.
In my Textbook for Financial Astrology I talk about Apple as a stock dependent on the founder Steve Jobs. However, the genius of this stock is not only its founder but its chart. (Inc. January 3,1977 : IPO Dec 12, 1980) Jupiter's transit of Aquarius puts it is in the same sign as Venus of the Incorporation and Moon of the IPO chart. The Aquarius Jupiter trines the Moon of the Inc. chart and Jupiter/Saturn of the IPO chart. There are plenty of favorable long term aspects that will keep the company a pretty busy place for the year ahead.
How about Google? ( Inc. Oct 22 2002 :IPO Aug 19, 2004). The Inc chart has Jupiter moving to a conjunction with Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius as well as making trines to Mars, Mercury, the Sun and Saturn. In the IPO chart Jupiter will conjunct Neptune and trine the Moon. Google will be totally engaged in finding ways to expand its reach throughout 2009.
Amazon (Inc. May 28 1996 :IPO May 15 1997) Jupiter was conjunct Uranus in Aquarius and trine the Sun, Venus, and Moon of the Incorporation chart. For the IPO chart, Jupiter is in the same sign as Uranus and Jupiter and trine Venus. The business will continue to expand throughout 2009 and hard working employees will keep the company very busy.
Research in Motion (Inc. Mar. 7 1984: IPO Feb 4 1999) RIMM's Inc. has Jupiter transiting its Venus in Aquarius and the IPO has Jupiter transiting right over its Aquarius stellium as well as a trine to its Moon. Sales should be excellent throughout the year.

Yes I know the word Apocalypse implies the end of the world.


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