Friday, February 27, 2009

Star Light , Star Bright -Venus in Aries !

For a Venusian, tonight's Venus in Aries - who desires to be Numero Uno - sure does shine bright enough to be the Only One!

If you haven't noticed, Venus is shining brighter than any star in the sky tonight. And what is extraordinary is that she, like the Moon, is in her Crescent phase.

Odd, isn't it? Because when the Moon is the fullest, Luna is at her brightest.

But the crescent phase of Venus occurs when Venus is closest to Earth; therefore, only then is she her brightest.

She is very big and bright tonight. I hope you go out and enjoy her beauty.

The full phase of Venus, occurs when Venus is on the opposite side of the Sun. Then she is appears much further away... and dim comparatively.


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