Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kaye Speaking in Florida

Saturday, May 23, 2009 10:30 AM
Ft. Laud Airport Hilton
1870 Griffin Road Ft. Lauderdale
Dania FL 33004
How Much
Price: $50.00 pp
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Meetup Description
Highly knowledgeable, and ready to SHARE HER WISDOM. We're excited about this great topic! NOTE: Varied price structure. Price shown above includes lecture, workshop, lunch AND parking!

Solar Return Lecture
The Solar Return is a fun chart to check out your year ahead. The transiting planets in the Solar Return houses tell you about the type of events between your birthdays that you will tell your friends and neighbors. For example planets in the Solar Return 9th will tell you about graduations, travel, or grandchildren.
The first part of the lecture will be an overview of how to read the solar return chart as well as an understanding of the timing. The second part we will work on the practical application of these ideas using the charts members bring to the lecture.
About 20 years ago the Chicago NCGR started a study group to study solar returns. We used the charts of twins, folks who moved during their birthday year, and of course our own. We researched various theories about solar returns. I've even researched the solar return and its application to financial charts. We reviewed all of the books available and determined that Easy Predictions was the best.
Kaye republished Easy Predictions with Solar Returns by Deanna Rose and will sell the book to attendees for $10. Even if you have a copy, it makes a great birthday present for a student or astrological friend. I also sell a CD that explains how to use the book $12.
Kaye graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago , although she says her real education was from 18.5 years of owning a printing business with her husband in Chicago. They retired at age 55. Three weeks later started a new business racing thoroughbred horses. Her family and friends are entrepreneurs and she keeps charts for all of them.
Kaye has earned the NCGR Level IV Certification in Counseling and Education as well as the ISAR Certification. She currently serves on the NCGR Board of Examiners.
Kaye loves to talk about everyone's favorite subject - money - the marketplace, where to look for bargains and what to avoid. Kaye's book, The Textbook For Financial Astrology not only explains how to set up a chart to start a small business, but how to read for fun and profit the Incorporation and IPO charts of the companies in the Dow.
Kaye has given presentations and workshops for NCGR, ISBA, SOTA conferences, and an assortment of astrological groups in Chicago,Milwaukee, St. Petersberg, Orlando, Washington D.C., Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, SOTA and Ireland.
Kaye teaches online How to Suceed in Business with Astrological Timing at Kepler Comunity Learning Center. Marlene Pfeifle and Kaye have a very busy, and informative web site
Stop by the link to the Meet Up Group and sign up to meet this great bunch of astrologers!


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