Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May New Moon: Jupiter and Neptune

Jupiter and Neptune are together in the Second House of Money. 

May New Moon report has the following paragraph explaining the economics of the month of May

Optimistically:  This Jupiter will expand the earnings of the populace, the bankers, the financial folks. The problem of too much earned income is solved with creative accounting. Creativity will abound and clever ideas will be monetized. Loans to banks will be paid back quickly.Local taxes will decrease because of pressure from local merchants.

Pessimistically: Bank failures will continue to make headlines. Too much money causes chaos in the monetary system. The amount of money in the system is confusing and creativity for its use abounds among purveyors of fraudulent schemes. There will be investigations and reporting of white collar criminals as well as common but clever thieves.

Scandals Abound

It looks like there is a huge scandal brewing concerning the bond holders at Chrysler and the Tarp money for the Banks. It seems that a lot of threats of smearing names as well as theoretically holding a gun to the heads of the executives of the various corporations and banks involved.  Scandals are emerging right before the Mercury Rx. That means the financial reporters will have to write and rewrite.  Some ugly rumors are sneaking out the back door of the White House and others are falling down the stairs of Congress. The reporters for the financial journals will have to write E Books to help everyone keep up with the breaking news about who is in trouble this week. 


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