Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are the Stars Aligned for Health Care?

President Obama says, "The stars are aligned for Health Care."

"What?" I said to myself. "Which astrologer is he using?

No, sorry Mr. President Mercury is retrograde. If communications can get garbled then they will with Mercury rx. Legislation such as TARP passed within the boundaries of Mercury rx and the administration has changed the rules at least a dozen times. Mercury rx makes a mess.

But let's look at Pisces and Virgo and Chiron all have something to do with Health Care. Are there any stars ready to take on the task of health?

Pisces rules hospitals and the planet currently transiting this sign is Uranus. Uranus loves to usurp the current paradigm. He likes to turn everything inside out upside down and backwards. OK I'm not sure I want to go to a hospital that has been turned upside down. Add government employees to the mix and I'm sure I prefer to stay home.

Virgo is the sign that rules uniformed servants such as nurses, doctors and security services. Saturn is transiting this sign suggesting that these folks have plenty to complain about. Low wages, overwork, and difficult working conditions. Not sure these folks will listen to my complaints when their complaints are far more life threatening.

Chiron is the wounded healer. He is transiting Aquarius. He is a great teacher but right now his interests are focused on gadgets that plug into the wall. He wants to put cool machines all over the hospitals and attach leashes to the personnel.

My opinion: if the President thinks the stars are aligned to pass health care legislation, then his astrologer lives in a different solar system.


  1. I wonder who this Royal Astrologer is and how how they got the gig. If Obama is so big on transparency, maybe he will tell us, so that we may rake him or her over the coals for suggesting an announcement on such a huge initiative during Mercury retrograde. This is Astrology 101 for goodness sakes! More likely, Obama heard what he wanted to hear from their latest consultation, just like most astrology clients do, and completely bungled the whole thing! What concerned me the most wasn't that he said that the stars are aligned, but it was the way he said it. Hs tone suggested a semi-arrogant "God told me so" sort of attitude that perked my antennae. I love astrology more than most people do, but I am well aware of the limitations inherent in any astrological system. I am uncomfortable with this latest development, and I hope it doesn't become more prevalent. I am cool with our President using astrology to plan his vacation, but I am uncool with the idea that there may be some half-baked, self-proclaimed astrological expert pulling the strings behind the throne. I think the President has entered dangerous territory here.
    On the other hand, I wonder if I could get a similar gig with the LA Lakers. Phil Jackson definitely needs my help.

  2. Thanks Shawn for the comment. Aligned is a term astrologers use as well as song writers. "Jupiter aligns with Mars" I thought the quote was interesting for its terminology.
    The Royal Astrologer could be almost anyone, but tradition says the name of the astrologer should not be revealed until both astrologer and client pass away. Doesn't work, but that is the tradition.
    Passage of Health care legislation just looks impossible from the point of view of planets in signs.
    With Mercury rx. Phil Jackson probably should take some time off and read his own book. I do think you should apply for the job of full court press astrologer, just keep sending your resume.
    Also keep an eye on our website and blog. I watch every President from the astrological point of view. Remember Tarp was proposed, written and passed during a Mercury retrograde. Just watching from the peanut gallery, there were times when I thought Bushes used astrology.

  3. Yes, I should definitely aspire to become a Full Court Press Astrologer. Do you happen to have Jackson's e-mail address? Also send along Joe Torre's info, as I am certain that I could help the LA Dodgers too. Maybe I could become the first modern-day two sport astrologer!
    I Think your website is very cool and I would probably have a lot more interest in your field if I had money to invest in the stock market.
    Considering investing my life's savings in Lakers -12 points tomorrow. What say you, Kaye?


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