Monday, August 10, 2009

Earthquake weather

The path of the Eclipse is very Shaky 4 Earthquakes in the past 24 hours plus Tsunami warnings

Cancer New Moon #2 is also a Total Solar Eclipse.

Follow the path of the eclipse by going to

“The weather of that day will stay that way” is the saying that goes with the path of the eclipse.  Usually the path indicates an area very vulnerable to violent weather.   
Example: The 2005 eclipse was visible in New Orleans and Katrina pounded the city causing the levees to break.

I follow everyday and unless Jupiter and Neptune can talk the Sun into producing more spots then it is unlikely CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejection) will be a problem.

But, sun spots can form quickly! And any CME aimed at these emerging markets could devastate the entire region.  

More likely, since this is also a Super New Moon, are earthquakes and volcanic activity.  (A New Moon is considered a Super New Moon when it is closest to the earth - or Perigee. )

Both tend to be isolated weather hazards, however, volcanic ash tends to circle at high altitudes for a long time causing cool wet weather.  An example is Sarychev, a Russian volcano, that whirled around the globe - and even the internet! - in June 2009.  There are plenty of volcanos beneath the path of the eclipse,


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