Monday, August 3, 2009


The Vertex: The Personal Point Often Overlooked in Synastry
from Kaye Shinker

The eclipse July 21, 2009 at 29 Cancer was extremely close to the USA Vertex at 26 Cancer (Sibley chart).  Nick Campion explains that it was drawn using horary techniques several months after the 4th of July proclamation.  Therefore the eclipse might be within range of the USA vertex.  

Yet another aspect to add to our list of conjunctions and oppositions to worry about during the next few months. My friend Lorraine sent me to my chart files because I suddenly remembered the USA chart.  She wrote the following:

"The VERTEX~A fated/destined intersection in the chart that's unchangeable~ inescapable~sign mirrors/represents a quality to bring out"  

Therefore I thought I would check out some of our presidents and see  how they related to the USA chart and also thought if quite a few had an aspect it might further verify Sibley's accuracy. Obama has Saturn at 25 Capricorn Joe Bidden has Jupiter at 25 Cancer. Mc Cain and Palin have the Moon at 26 and 28 Capricorn. George Bush 43 has Saturn at 26 Cancer as did JFK. Reagan had Uranus at 26 Capricorn  and Truman had Jupiter at 28 Cancer. Hillary has Vesta at 26 Cancer.  Presidents, Franklin, LBJ, Ike, Nixon, Carter, Clinton and Bush 41 did not have a planet near the USA Vertex.

In the Capricorn 1994 issue of Welcome to Planet Earth when it was a paper magazine I wrote an article about the Vertex and described it as a black hole particularly when used in synasty   An example: If someone's Mars is conjunct your vertex they tended to try to control you with intimidation.
If someone's Saturn is conjunct another's Vertex it means 'intense projection of self on the other'. The definition for Saturn conjunct the opposite point Antivertex can be defined as 'need to express father image as the standard for behavior'.  

I used to lecture on the topic, but haven't in about 10 years.  Probably would have to do more research if I did.  Donna Henson has a little book available from the AFA on the Vertex.  It is very good and cookbook style.    She used some of my research.


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