Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dow 30 Industrials

Marlene and I plan to attend the ISAR Conference in Chicago's western suburb Oakbrook August 20-23. Both of us plan to go to as many lectures as possible on the Financial Astrology track. 

I have learned from experience to assemble in a 3-ring binder a copy of each Dow stock's Incorporation and IPO chart. I carry it with me to the lectures and then make notes right on the chart according to the various observations of the presenters. It is one way I force myself to keep all of the lecture notes in one place. In fact I even put the handouts from the lectures in the same notebook.  

OK Kaye where do you find all of the charts for the Dow stocks?
Easy I share my collection with you all in my Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 3.

Available Now at Astrological Investing is an E-Book for Students and Financial Astrologers of the charts for the companies that are included in the Dow 30.  

Students of Astrology who are new to the study of Financial Astrology will just have fun with the Dow 30 E book. It's like a coloring book, black and white pictures of horoscopes with plenty of white space for scribbles.

The Dow 30 E book contains both the Incorporation and IPO chart for each company in the Dow 30.
At Astrological Investing our experience has shown that although the date for the Initial Public Offering is important when determining the direction for price of an individual stock, it is the Incorporation chart that determines the health of the company.  Folks who use the lessons of Astrological Investing need to check both the Inc. and IPO charts before they move on to technical analysis as well as historical research of the company's business. 

Household Hint:  Print the E book.  ( I just printed a copy for Marlene because she has a very slow printer.) Whenever you read a headline, write the date on the chart for the company.  In a few days you will be able to determine how the headline affected the price of the stock. If there is a significant rise or fall in price then you can check the Ephemeris or LLewellyn calendar for the planetary transit involved in the news headline.

We really hope to meet as many members of Astrological Investing as possible. Please introduce yourselves. OK?


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