Friday, December 4, 2009

Learn Financial Astrology

News analysts and reporters have reported numerous scandals and Ponzi schemes throughout the past few months. They summarize the reports with the warning that you must make your own decisions, remember to be diversified and if it SOUNDS too good to be true it probably IS.  Strange that the 'mainstream media' has ignored many of these scandals preferring to report on scandalous behavior of sports/pop icons.

The Astrology

Current transits for the world are Jupiter applying to a conjunction with Neptune and Chiron. In addition Neptune is transiting the USA Moon (public)  until February 2012. Neptune is allowing the public the opportunity to be very susceptible to fraud, and deceit. Saturn on the other hand is forcing transparency as it travels past the USA Neptune over the top of the chart and on to a conjunction with the USA Saturn in 2011.  The USA 4th of July chart has suffered since November 2008 when Saturn applied to the USA Neptune and Neptune applied to the USA Moon.( July 1979 and July 1980 were the previous transits of Saturn to USA Neptune.) 

The world is euphoric because of the conjunction. Americans are even more euphoric than the rest of the world since the conjunction is applying to the Moon of the 4th of July chart.  Optimism prevails throughout the stock market and even the dollar has gained a bit of public confidence. 

The exposure of scandals are just getting started. Saturn is at the top of the USA chart. The accounting departments of American businesses are attempting to gather cash to keep their companies out of debt. They are cutting inventories, laying off workers, selling subsidiaries and spinning off parts of their companies.  This is the role of Chiron who is also transiting the USA Moon.

Like to Learn More?

Check out my class offerings.  I use the Chat room format which gives you plenty of chances to make sure you understand the concepts and the aphorisms of Financial Astrology. Starting date Dec. 13, 2009

Scattered throughout the various New Moon and Ingress reports The Textbook for Financial Astrology.  I wrote the Textbook for traders, investors and astrologers to enable each to use the information provided by the cycles of the planets to make intelligent decisions when purchasing various investments.  Read each New Moon report carefully as Saturn is approaching Libra announcing changes in the Dow, the New York exchange and the NASDAQ.


 I mention at the bottom of page 1 in Book 1 of Textbook.

"Most of us start investing because we have earned enough money to put some away in an IRA or Keogh or other type of retirement account.  What ever happened to the high interest rates on a Certificate of Deposit--nice, safe,?no-brainer??  Suddenly we?re required to make a decision  There are so many options.  Do you buy stocks, bonds, or mutual funds?  If you study the business section of the newspaper, the advertisers and writers have millions of suggestions for you.

Who ever told you you were too stupid to manage your own money. If you are clever enough to make the money then you are clever enough to manage your own investments.

If you are clever enough to earn a good living with a little bit left over to invest, then you are should be clever enough to take care of your own financial accounts. You pay your bills and shop intelligently then you are smart enough to learn the material in my Textbook.


It is a tremendous leap of faith to write a check and allow an adviser to invest your hard earned money in the risky business known as the financial markets. .   

If you have learned the foreign language known as Astrology, you are undoubtedly astute enough to learn and comprehend the language of financial markets.  If your are able to learn the foreign language known as Finance, then undoubtedly you are astute enough to learn and comprehend the language of astrology.

My Textbooks take you through both languages step by step.  I am always happy to answer your questions and classes are available.


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