Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Astronomy and Astrology

Leah's Fifth Question

How does astrology compare to astronomy?

This one is easy.  Astronomers and astrologers look at the sky and say Whow .  Astronomers go back to their lab and grind another piece of glass so they can see it better.  Astrologers go back to their books and say what does it mean and how can I relate this to everyday life.

Astronomers  count and measure and count and measure and explain to the public what they see or don't see.

Astrologers count and measure and count and measure and interpret what they see.  They explain from experience how what they see has influenced the past and how it might influence the future life of humans. 

During the past week Scientists have been taken to task for fudging the data used in their statistics.  They have rearranged data to fit their theory of rising global temperatures. The public kept saying this is not our everyday experience.  We are wearing more clothes not less. Finally they were caught with their E-mails down. 

The public trusted their analysis was correct, however they manipulated their data and lost their public trust. 

Their failure was to not take into consideration the power of the SUN. 

Right now I'm watching the Sunspots. We have had 780 days of no Sunspots and that means in Alaska no colorful Auroras. To the Eskimos that means no caribou for supper this winter.  To the weather historian it means colder weather.  To the astronomer it means send up another space probe and see if there are any spots on the other side of the Sun.  

We could be ready to enter an Mini Ice age with cool weather dominating the Northern Hemisphere in July  and the Southern Hemisphere in January. 

Astrologers write you a note everyday. It is called Sun Sign astrology. We remind you that the primary power in our solar system is the SUN. 

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Also we add to our offerings concerning the power of the SUN a gem of a book called Easy Predictions with Solar Returns


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