Saturday, December 19, 2009

USA Dollar

Shanghai Daily offered the opinion that there are not enough dollars in the world to buy U.S. Treasuries.  This is probably truer than anyone would like to admit. The reason Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct the Dollar's Pluto.  I've mentioned this a few times on our blog stating that it is probably a huge problem for the value of the dollar.  

During the past week the value of the dollar has increased several cents against the Euro. Which would make sense with Jupiter applying to a conjunction to the dollar's Pluto therefore increasing the power of the dollar.  Neptune conjunct the Pluto of the dollar gives the illusion that the dollar is powerful. When Jupiter leaves the conjunction in early January it will square Saturn then oppose Uranus. The 2009 year end expansion of the value of the dollar will come to a screeching halt waiting for news of an international dispute to send the illusion of its value up again as Jupiter makes a trine to Neptune then Mercury. 

However Neptune remains within the conjunction of the dollar's Pluto allowing the illusion of its power as the world's reserve currency in tact. Another way of expressing Neptune's influence would be volatile evaluations of its power resulting in chaotic trades in the currency markets. Gold, T. Bonds, and equities would be seen as safe havens and their valuations would increase.
The Illusion of Mortgage Backed Securities
The only comparison available would come from the opposite transit of Pluto conjunct the Neptune of a particular stock. One dramatic instance is the over leveraged bonds sold by Bears Sterns.  Bears Sterns was unable to cover the rapid requests for redemption of the bonds they packaged. The firm was sold to J.P. Morgan.
March 17, 2008 J.P. Morgan Chase purchased Bears Stern for $2 per share.  The Incorporation chart for Bears Sterns (Aug. 21,1985) has Pluto conjunct Neptune on that date.  Astrologically the energy sounds like it is the same Pluto and Neptune are together creating the illusion of power or giving power to an illusion.  A few financial companies organized in 1985 have survived but their stock prices are in the single digits. 

It is interesting to contemplate the possibilities.  


  1. Interesting. SU & VE to the dollar's JU & MA keep the rally going into the New Year. As a holder of gold I hope for a downtrend then.

  2. I, too, am holding gold. When the weak of heart finally give it up and sell, gold will be oversold - that's when the rally begins!

  3. Remember the saying that when the cab drivers start passing stock tips it is time to sell.
    Look for an early signal by paying attention to the TV and radio commercials. The pitchmen are even suggesting that you hedge it long.


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