Thursday, April 29, 2010

Euro vs Dollar

Financial Astrology forces you to think in terms of supply and demand. Jupiter increases supply and when it makes an aspect to the planet, supply trends to abundance. Therefore the price goes down. Saturn causes supply to decrease and therefore the price increases.

When the Euro became the official currency of Europe all of the Financial Astrologers immediately added the chart to their collection. At the time we thought it was a pretty good chart for a currency and hoped the Euro concept would help traveling in Europe. The Moon in the 9th house made a sextile to Saturn therefore it seemed the traveling public would appreciate the stability of a single currency. Jupiter in its ruling sign of Pisces also gave it a portion of good will among the other world currencies. With an accurate chart for the Euro it has been easier to check the other currencies, but it has just been the past few years that I have studied the currency markets enough to see how they are really working. Questions from our readers have helped me focus on the charts.

Currency Requires Contrarian Thinking
Saturn brings up the price of currency and Jupiter brings down the price. How did that happen?
Jupiter produces abundant supply and Saturn is the planet of contraction in Financial Astrology. That means lower the supply of something the higher the price and the higher supply of something the the lower the price.

Here is how you have to think when looking at currency charts. Therefore Sept. 12, 2009 Saturn was square the Euro Moon and it cost $1.46 to buy a Euro. Nov. 30 Saturn was conjunct the euro asc and it went to a high of 1.52. At the same time the US dollar had Jupiter and Neptune conjunct its natal Pluto. There were to many dollars and Neptune (oil) confused their value. In January the Euro began its slide down with Jupiter sextile Saturn and then trine the MC only to stabilize at $1.33 in April with its first Jupiter return. Simultaneously the dollar had Saturn trine Saturn and then square Jupiter keeping its supply fairly reasonable.
Euro vs Dollar Summer 2010

The dollar has a run of square aspects from May through September. It does have Jupiter square Jupiter May 26 and September 21 which could increase the supply a little bit. The Euro will increase in supply until Saturn makes a conjunction to its Ascendent in late August and then squares its Sun in October.

Prognosis ?
More Dollars and more Euro's means the price of your Big Mac will increase whether you live in Europe or the USA. The question is will your wages increase? In 1959 I had a minimum wage job and it took me a half hour to earn 57 cents to buy a Big Mac. My grandson has to work 40 minutes at his minimum wage job to buy one for $4.29.
The problem is making wise investments that will keep up with inflation. You might like to sign up for classes in Financial Astrology.

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