Saturday, April 24, 2010

Be Prepared: Jupiter conjunct Uranus

June 8, 2010, September 19, 2010, and January 4, 2011 Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct.

The conjunction usually signals a rise to a high in the market. This phenomena occurred in 1997 or about 13 years ago. If you had purchased GE, Honeywell or DIA you would have doubled you money and collected a few dividends. No big deal, right?

However during the 13 years since the last conjunction Jupiter made a bunch of aspects to Uranus and even more to his good buddies Saturn and Neptune. You probably would have put firm stops on these stocks in May 2000 when Jupiter and Saturn made a conjunction.

The study of Financial Astrology is about finding an excellent time to buy, sell or hold. It is for folks who like to make their own decisions, read technical charts, study the past performance of a company and then invest.

Be Prepared: Buy the Textbook for Financial Astrology and sign up for classes

There are 7500 stocks on the New York exchange and thousands more around the world. Some are excellent this year and others are struggling and maybe they will be next year's bargain. Often the date the company was incorporated and then offered as an IPO will give you a clue as to their current situation. If you learn to read these charts, you can avoid being caught in the hype of a website article or a broker with a vested interest.

On a personal level astrology can tell you when you will have a difficult year or a joyous one. It can do the same for companies.

What Do the Textbooks Teach?

I finished writing the three sections on the E Book for Textbook for Financial Astrology in 2002. I wrote it for my students, therefore the lessons move from simple to complex. Each lesson has questions at the end giving the student the opportunity to practice that particular concept. Most of my students were able to complete the first three books and develop their skills at buying stocks as an investment.
A few have their own websites and share their knowledge and experience. The Textbooks explain how you take the first steps in the process of learning Financial Astrology. By the time you finish you should be able to read a chart and start making intelligent investment decisions based on timing and market bias.

Each month I try to update everyone in the New Moon report. I give you an overall picture of the how astrological phenomena will effect the markets. Hopefully you can use it to your advantage before you go to your portfolio site and decide whether this is a good time to sell your stocks that are dead money, make a new investment, or hold onto the ones that actually pay a dividend.

Buying or selling stocks especially if you have a long position requires self-disciple, a target date and excellent stops. You knew that, Right?
They teach you timing. They explain when to start a business, whether a stock according to its chart has a chance of increasing in value, and they explain when outside forces can temporarily damage the price of a stock.

One of the clues as to the exact date to buy or sell is planetary phenomena. Jupiter transits like to give you the opportunity to make a profit and Saturn transits like to When I wrote the Textbook for Financial Astrology I arranged the lessons in the order of their importance to buying and selling stock.

Quite a few planetary phenomena have occurred since 1997 and I've had the opportunity to keep my students informed during these cycles.

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