Monday, May 3, 2010

Oil Spill: Louisiana

The best view of the oil spill can be seen on the May 3,2010 entry.

It appears that the oil spill is staying in the deeper water and away from the shoreline at this moment. Louisiana's state bird is the Brown Pelican and they are currently nesting along the shoreline. It has only been a few years since their numbers have recovered enough to take them off the endangered list. Hopefully the spill stays away from their nests.

Louisiana Statehood and the Oil Spill

Both charts have Chiron at zero Pisces. Pisces rules oil and chemicals and Chiron is the maverick and the wounded healer. If you check the legend of Chiron, you will remember that Chiron was wounded by a poison arrow. Previous Chiron return was 1960 when the Supreme Court granted mineral rights to the Gulf States for off shore well up to 3 miles from shore.
The spills Venus is conjunct the Mercury of Louisiana and this means that it will bring cash and publicity to the State. The spills Mercury is applying to a conjunction of the State's Sun focusing publicity on the State and her leadership. ( these are annual events and usually the annual Jazz Fest attracts a lot of publicity) Hopefully all of our new visitors will love our friendly folks, great cooks and beautiful Spring flowers.

Louisiana's Solar Arc for 2010
With Mundane charts we can use Solar arcs and in this case it speaks volumes SA Venus is conjunct Saturn, the North Node is Conjunct Pluto, Neptune is Conjunct Venus and the Sun conjunct Uranus. If you ask me this looks extremely good for the states economy.

April 6, transiting Jupiter made a conjunction to Louisiana's Pluto and then a trine to Uranus on April 21. Jupiter continues to make a square to Venus, the Moon and Jupiter then an opposition to Pluto. ( Jupiter transits happen every 12 years)
How about a rare astronomical event? Pluto is 2 degrees away from Louisiana's Saturn. During 2011-12 Pluto will make a conjunction to Louisiana's Saturn which indicates future problems concerning the state's commodities.

Ok, lets look at the Uranian Planets to see if they made any interesting aspects. The trigger seems to be Spill Mars at 8 Leo trine the Louisiana Vulcanus at 8 Aries, Admetos was conjunct Louisiana's Mercury at 25 Taurus. the suggestion that the event will help the prosperity of the state is Kronos conjunct Jupiter at 3 Cancer.

New Orleans
And the chart for New Orleans. Feb 17 1805 had the spill Neptune exactly conjunct the city's natal Sun square Neptune.
Five years ago an eclipse of April 8 at 19 Aries was visible to the folks who lived in New Orleans and on the 29 of August Katrina hit. The eclipse opposed the city's Uranus. The city has recovered and looks as lovely as ever. The January 15 eclipse at 25 Capricorn fell across the Cities North node. Thought I'd mention the eclipses since they seem to have a connection.

There you have the straight astrological scoop from the happiest state in the Union. For sure our sales tax and room tax revenue will increase in May. Hopefully the clean up works and goes faster than the clean up of New Orleans.


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