Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Long Void of Course Moon Aug 12, 2010

The hardest thing I teach VOC Moon's exception to the rule. Parallel and contra-parallel. Today is an example of the exception.

If you look at today's calendar page you will notice that the moon is void of course all day or all night depending on you time zone. I generally recommend in the Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 that you do things you do not want to remember that you did. Example cleaning house,car,garage,desk. However there is an exception to this rule and that is a void of course moon that includes parallels and contraparallels. Today is one of those days and I'm hoping this chart makes it through the e mail and you can see the declination column on the lower left hand side of the page.
Notice Venus is 2S54 and Mars is 2 S 59 meaning they are parallel. Jupiter is 00 S 16 and Uranus is 00 S 42 also parallel.

In your day to day life you find lovely or delicious things to purchase and interesting maybe valuable investments or an interesting new friend. You say OH maybe I should ignore these since the Moon is VOC, but then temptation snarls you and you buy it anyway. Then you actually use it.

OPPS Kaye was wrong about the VOC Moon being a good day to just do mundane routine chores, after all on Aug 12 I had this amazing good luck. If you can try this exception to the VOC rule. Buy something interesting and keep the receipt or just add an interesting customer to your client list or sign up to do something fun. Don't bet the farm on the 7th horse in the 7th race OK?

With the planets bunching up in the lower degrees of the zodiac, it is a good idea to watch for days with VOC Moon during business hours. Who knows we might all have clean desks, spotless homes for a short time until time until Uranus and Jupiter return to Pisces.



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