Friday, August 6, 2010

What a Difference a Trine Makes!

It was around 10:00 am when Saturn sat on the Ascendant of the chart for New York City.  (chart posted in this morning's blog, "Investor Fear and the Grand Cross")  The energy of the hour then was all about investors seeking safe, solid ground based on fear and worry regarding the morning's latest reports on unemployment and the economy in general.

The DOW dropped dramatically as Saturn tightened the purse strings of  Wall Street investors.  But then as time moved on into the afternoon things changed!

What happened?

In these two charts you can see exactly when the sentiment changed from fear to a more relaxed state of mind as Neptune dissolved these fears.

Saturn had moved off the Ascendant and MidHeaven (medium coeli or MC) axis and was now in the rule-breaking 11th house.  A house  symbolically known as a place of  "hopes, dreams and desires" ( And sometimes the place where rules can be broken in terms of acheiving our goals with a little help from our friends and associates!) 

More importantly however, at 1:51 pm ET, the Moon in Gemini  (now in the 8th house of money held or managed for others)  made two nice easy-flowing aspects to the chart of New York -  a trine to Neptune and minutes later a sextile to the MC.  Sextiles offer opportunity, and trines make opportunity knock.

Notice in the chart that Uranus and Jupiter had moved into the 5th house of speculation, risk taking, gambling, and stock market trading.  Investors began looking for creative ways to find profits - less concerned with the over-all risk and perhaps a bit over-confident about their investment safety with Jupiter's square to Pluto in the 2nd house.

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  1. and the Venus ? HP Ceo resigns because of sexual harassment scandal. Neptune exact conjunction to HP IPO Uranus. Neptune has been hovering over HP Sun for the past 2 years. Astro charts for Dow 30(Textbook 3 click box top right) makes CNBC more fun to watch.


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