Sunday, August 22, 2010

Neptune/USA Moon and the Saturn Return

Neptune conjunct USA Moon

The USA is in major "going no where funk". Since August 18 when transiting Neptune made a conjunction to the natal Moon, the American public has been inundated with news concerning dishonest folks in their town, state and nation. Reporters can't keep up with the revelations at the local or national level. Most folks like a good scandal once in a while but there are so many they don't know which one to follow. Example: Massive quantities of salmonella tainted eggs and the producers failure to guard the health of their chickens.

The astrology of the situation is Neptune was conjunct the USA Moon March 14, 2010, then August 18 and January 15 will see the final conjunction of Neptune to the Moon. USA citizens have four more months of being deceived and discovering the deception. Like the eggs and the oil spill the problem is that everyone is involved in one way or another in the challenges brought by the deceptions. Will it be over in 2011? No. Lawsuits will proliferate. Folks don't take kindly to being hoodwinked.

Saturn Return

Worse the whole country is feeling the pressure of a Saturn square the Sun and then the Saturn return. They can feel the promise of a lot of very hard work on the horizon. Just as it marks a turning point in the life of an individual, it does the same for countries. Previous Saturn returns have seen the entire economy adapting to a new industry. In 1922 it was the automobile, in 1952 it was TV, in 1981 it was the personal computer and 2010 the smart phone. We are looking at a plethora of candidates changing the way we do business. Historically each of these inventions moved quickly into everyday life and changed the whole process of doing business. Just by using your cell phone, how many gallons of gas or hours waiting have you saved in the past month?

Addition Effects of Saturn in Libra at 14 °
Simultaneously Saturn is conjunct the Uranus in the Nasdaq's chart (Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 2) insisting the institution of new rules concerning the listing of stocks as well as delisting. These changes will affect the value of the QQQQ's pushing prices higher.
Stocks and people born in 1971- 1976 will find the changes in rules or just the changes in customer's attitude will require a total make over and a clean up.
Markets around the world are waiting for OPEC to make up its mind about the price of oil. OPEC has Venus a 14 degrees of Libra. Therefore Saturn will restrict the price because members need to compete for sales with Russia.

Prediction is Fun
The Textbooks are filled with charts. Take a pencil to the charts and mark the planets in early Libra. The Saturn transit is going to make life difficult for these companies and commodities.
Examples: Disney, Cypress, Corn, Copper and T-Bonds. Write your guess as to price motion on the page and date it. You can even share your opinion on comments or the bulletin board.

Prediction Hints
When Saturn makes a conjunction to any planet it enforces the rules concerning that planet. We will consider the business meaning of the planet.
Saturn to Sun forces a business to take a good hard look at their product and ethics
Saturn to Moon forces a business to pay attention to the attitude of their customers
Saturn to Mercury forces rebuilding of communications network
Saturn to Venus forces acknowledgement of how the company collects its income
Saturn to Mars insists the company review their labor force
Saturn to Jupiter forces the CEO and upper management to do the job correctly
Saturn to Saturn forces the CFO to explain to everyone what is needed to make a profit.
Saturn to Uranus means change everything IT and be sure to patent research
Saturn to Neptune means advertising and marketing is not working
Saturn to Pluto means divest the business of everything superfluous.


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