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An Astrological Trip Around the New Moon in Libra

Astrological Investing New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month. The New Moon in Libra, 2013  - Chart from the point of view of Wall Street and the NYSE.
The New Moon in Libra, October 4, 2013
Chart from the point of view of Wall Street and the NYSE.

Last months Lunar cycle has come to an end as the Moon conjuncts the Sun in Libra triggering the energy of the Pluto- Uranus square. 
This aspect has heated things up politically at home (ruthless, negative campaigns and strong disagreements between the two political parties in the US) and world wide. (mob violence and political uprisings in the Middle East) And, economically, the Uranus and Pluto aspect has been push pulling the markets. Note - Though not always strongly in force by exact aspect, the energy of Pluto square Uranus has been an operative influence since 2012, and will be influential though 2015. 

An Astrological Trip Around the New Moon in Libra Chart

The New Moon is in the fifth house in a T-square with Pluto (eighth house) and Uranus (eleventh house) - Typically, new moons create a feeling of optimism and the markets react positively.  Research has shown that people have a greater willingness for change and acceptance at the New Moon phase. Optimism for a brighter future coming is prevalent with the new growth cycle of the Moon.  "When a new moon occurs, people, male and female, will experience a sense of calmness. Their emotions will stabilize and their willingness to accept difficulties will reach its peak. The persons will be more energetic and open-minded. Optimism will also result from this moon phase." from the article, Human Behavior with Relation to the Lunar Cycle

However, this month at the time of the New Moon, the Sun and Moon in Libra trigger the energy of a challenging Pluto- Uranus square.  Now, it may be possible that whatever has investors jittery has already been baked into the market by the time of the New Moon - just days leading up to the New Moon the Sun has squared Pluto and then went on to oppose Uranus.   So, maybe the fear has subsided? 

It's all about risk these days - especially with the New Moon in the fifth - just how much risk can you tolerate?  Read Randall Ashbourne's article The Moods of the Moon - Trading the Mood Swings of the Monthly Lunar Cycle   

Events governed by the 5th house will come to the forefront this lunar month -
 This being the Sun's "natural" house, the 5th house has much to do with public figures. Here, the Sun represents all people in authority in respect to the NYSE - that would include Ben Bernanke and the President of the US.

The Moon represents where people's attention and focus falls this month - as well as the actual mood of the people.  Frankly, in Libra, people would like to be out enjoying parties and the theater, or maybe entertaining in their homes, with Jupiter now in Cancer.  The need for a bit of balance away from the stress of every life, and the need to take time out for amusement of all sorts, is their focus of attention.  Unfortunately, this is not an easy need to fulfill with a T-square to Uranus and Pluto! Those planets have little, or nothing, to do with fun and leisure.

Public speculation, investments, gambling (having to do with risk taking in the market) will be spotlighted. Since the politics of the nation affect the fears of investors, the popularity of the President is on the line, as well as The Fed Chairman.  Social problems arise, and there is a possibility of scandal.

The ruler of the Taurus rising chart, Venus, is located in the sixth house on the cusp of the seventh - If well aspected this would be very fortunate, however, that isn't happening either!

Venus is not well placed in the sign of Scorpio, especially when opposing the chart's rising degree in Taurus. And there is an applying square from Mars. This is not good for the working class.  Unemployment, worries of an increase in taxation, and higher expenditures is of great concern.  Money, money, money is on the minds of the working people - investors are interested in stable stocks that yield high dividends.

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Commentary - Read this week's Eye of Ra Report by Randall Ashbourne (click here), or read it on his web site -  "Week beginning September 30, 2013"

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I have been reminding readers at the end of each New Moon interpretation that strives to teach financial astrology as a timing tool to use. Although the mundane reading I give each New Moon gives us a broad picture of the astrological landscape we expect to encounter during the month, I encourage all of you to look at the weekly technical charts by Randall Ashbourne.

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Read Randall Ashbourne's 2011 article, The Moods of the Moon - Trading the Mood Swings of the Monthly Lunar Cycle

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