Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Solar Return USA


Nations have Birthdays therefore they can also have a Solar Return.  I use the USA July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pa. chart originally calculated by Sibley. Sibley heard about the Declaration of Independence several months after the event, calculated the chart and then published it.  It seems to work very well with events in the life of the nation.

The USA solar return for 2009 has the Sun in the 4th house. The nation will examine their basic values and make significant changes in lifestyle. Folks are taking responsibility for their own home and family and very proud of this accomplishment. Back to basics will be the mantra for retail advertising.  

The Solar Return Moon appears in the 8th house placing the USA natal Moon in the 11th. Change happens in the areas of taxes, insurance and the attendant paper work. The country seeks and finds new alliances as the problems of old friends affect international decisions. 

Mercury in the 3rd suggests problems with local travel and transportation. The auto industry has failed to consider their customers and prevailing demand for smart cars. There will be an emphasis on short classes where basic new skills are acquired. Portable electronics will dominate the landscape. 

Venus in the 2nd explains that personal income will be spent on practical clothing and decorative arts. The population continues to toss money in their savings accounts.  Americans pay cash for necessities. Debit cards are in fashion.

Mars in the 1st 
Everything is in a turmoil. Excess energy expresses itself with patriotic gatherings and concern for energy sources.  Folks will not be shy about their concerns for the environment and practical application of science to reduce energy consumption. Many will find ways to combine various resources in order to reduce the cost of utilities .

Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in the 11th.   The 11th is Congress in a nations horoscope. Both planets are retrograde, suggesting that legislators will have a difficult time trusting members to vote along party lines. Reliable legislators renege on their promises to their party in favor of their constituents.  (The congress will find Blue Dog democrats have returned) Secrets abound and therefore rumors of scandals will emerge, however the facts will not be known until next July. 

Saturn in the 6th forces everyone to work hard
Unemployment continues to be a problem, however many find constructive work in their own neighborhood.  Folks accomplish many improvements tearing down and building up with cash labor. Uniformed personnel are stressed and need to take care of their health, and get proper rest. Various strains of flu are ready to invade during the winter months. Those who have neglected to balance work and rest will be vulnerable.  Problem is Spring of 2009 and the swine flu failed to infect great numbers of people.  Now the "Chicken Little" syndrome is in effect as average folks ignore government health warnings.

Uranus in the 12th has folks deciphering secrets to create original money making schemes. Surprise they are demanding no help from government. Fear of diseases that are difficult to diagnose creates nervous tension.  The government makes a number of dramatic announcements to divert the attention of the population. UFO's are exposed? 

Mysterious forces are controlling world events
Pluto in the 9th suggests that international underground groups have devised a number of ways to undermine the world economy.  Many of their plans are successful. Folks put their plans for the future on hold as popular opinion insist that changes this time must be practical and useful. September is particularly rough. See Solstice report

Part 2 Easy Predictions with Solar Returns
Jupiter and Neptune conjunct the USA Moon.  Wisdom is tested and spiritual and emotional needs need to be kept within bounds. The conjunction also indicates a Religious Revival of US Citizens who finally recall the reasons for the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

Mercury conjunct natal Venus. Assets are pointed out and the USA image is polished. Media attention is focused on the value of the dollar in relation to the other currencies. Diplomacy as well as good manners work for a change as kind words to others are taken as sincere. 
Easy Predictions With Solar Returns by Deanna Rose is the reference for this analysis.


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