Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LLewellyn Sun Sign Annual

I contributed the article "Sunspot Explosion in 2010" to the 2010 Sun Sign Book published by Llewellyn.  The 2010 Sun Sign Book includes a daily horoscope for each Sun sign and as well as a few feature articles. It may be purchased at Amazon.com by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Forecasting weather trends is an essential element in Financial Astrology. During the past few years, I have mentioned the Sun Spot cycle in articles and blogs. Wherever I lecture I hand out graphs illustrating the sun spot cycle over the past 400 years. The graphs include an illustration of the conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These conjunctions often coincide with the peak of Sun activity. 

We are currently in a deep solar minimum that is setting records for the coolest summer on record in many northern hemisphere communities.  Has the Sun Spot cycle failed? Will the Spots return?  From the point of view of the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune make a conjunction in mid September. From the point of view of the Earth they make their final conjunction December 2009. 

Jupiter will oppose Saturn three times in 2010
During May and June of 2010 Jupiter will move to an opposition with Saturn and then to a conjunction with Uranus. Is it possible that the Sun will suddenly erupt with a rash of spots? Statistics warn that this is very possible. 

The article retells the legends of Arctic groups concerning the weather they expect when the Northern Lights stream across the evening sky.  Their legends explain that colorful Auroras bring an abundant supply of game animals.

"Sunspot Explosion in 2010" is the article. Read it in the 2010 Sun Sign Book published by Llewellyn. It may be purchased at Amazon.com by scrolling to the bottom of this page and while you are there don't forget your 2010 Calendar


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