Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pluto Whacks Business

Pluto Whacks Business,
A lecture on Pluto in Capricorn
by Kaye Shinker
Pluto is said to rule the Mafia or gangsters. The mafia tends to take out members of rival groups as well as their own by whacking them.

Simply, that member no longer has a voice.

Pluto has a tendency to whack those thing ruled by the sign it is transiting. Then Pluto replaces what it has whacked with something similar yet entirely different.

Pluto doesn't just end things. To quote John Marcella, "He exorcises, detoxes, purges, obliterates and makes extinct the antiquated. And yes, He allows new forms to develop, evolve, emerge and unfold."

The roof caves in according the the things ruled by the sign when Pluto makes his entrance.

Listed on our web site at are the years Pluto transited each sign during the Twentieth Century.

Pluto has started his transit of Capricorn by whacking the banking establishment. Banks over-extended their capital reserves with exotic paper using credit to expand their power and influence to a world wide market.
Federal Reserve

As with all things Plutonian, they overdid it and were forced to pull back or become extinct. The next few years will find their replacement as a new business model captures rapidly expanding technology.

Notice that natal Pluto is at zero Cancer and the Sun is at one Capricorn in this chart of the Federal Reserve. chart data: Dec. 23,1913, 6:20 pm EST, Washington, DC.

This is not the death of Capitalism, but a reorganization of the concept. The economic system may have a new name by the time Pluto enters Pisces.

I am speaking to this topic Thursday, July 16 at the Ohio Valley NCGR meeting near Cincinnati, Ohio. (Madeira Municipal Building, corner of Euclid and Miami Roads in Madeira - a suburb of Cincinnati) Meetings are free for members of any home chapter, and $5 for non members.

I continue in my speech to explain some of the options Pluto will manifest as he transits Capricorn whacking Big Business, governments, and institutions. Could he replace Big Business with Micro businesses? Or could he allow the Black Market to take responsibility for the exchange of goods?

If you can't join me in Cincinnati, a copy of my lecture is available on our web site, at


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