Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mercury Direct

At 6:27 p.m. EDT May 11, 2010 Mercury turned direct at 2 degrees Taurus.
Time to celebrate!! Whew!!

May 10 and 11 were filled with economic news. The Euro zone bailed out Greece, a move that probably will keep the Euro's value in the $1.25-1.30 range until all of the EU members decide to live within their means. Scroll down for a chart of the Euro and my discussion. Remember that the solution to the Euro mess had Mercury rx. Expect that the current solution will be continuously revised.

The elections in England brought a Prime Minister, Cameron, who is known for his ability with finance. He was sworn into office just as Mercury was stationed ready to go direct. He could be a very powerful leader who forces the government to stop the overdraw on the treasury. Could this help the value of the Pound?

Hard to believe but the Shrimpers in the Gulf of Mexico were given the all clear to return to their boats. The spill happened April 20, 2010 with Mercury rx. Nothing worked properly on the oil rig and remedies were not useful. Hopefully the weather will continue to cooperate and keep the mess off shore and everyones favorite Gulf Shrimp will be available at your favorite buffet.

80% of the time the Dow Jones averages end the Mercury Rx period with 2% of where they started. April 19 the average was 11,092 and the first day after Mercury Direct May 12th it closed at 10, 906. The flash crash on May 6th was not a sell signal. It was the usual Mercury rx confusion signal. A similar event happened Oct. 19, 1987 with Mercury rx.

A few of my students sent E-mails on May 6 to double check their Textbook for Financial Astrology lessons. Poor kids had to reread my old timer stories about 1987.


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