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Real Time Financial Astrology
Ted asked me to share our lesson last night. We are reviewing some of the ideas presented in Textbook 2 using current events to illustrate the aphorisms.

kaye: Hard to explain this but the scientists expect the solar max to be 2012-14 but it really looks like a sharp spike up will happen about summer 2010.
ted: The sun has gotten much more active.
kaye: The flares correlate with the Iceland volcano and the oil rig blaze.

ted: The planets activity this summer should do something?
kaye: It should make a mess but the next mess coming up is Jupiter changing signs
ted: I can't wait for Uranus to change signs.
kaye: Markets need to make a sector change as to what is abundant and what is in short supply
ted: The market is going for a double dip?
kaye: Yes, Before I get into this I have a comment on Mars.
kaye: Mars in Leo has had a great run with gold since he turned direct. Little ups and downs but a steady climb.
kaye: Remember the rule of three?
kaye: Last week in May First 10 days in June Mars, Jupiter and Uranus change signs
ted: You have made a great call. The rule of three you need three planet events to make happen
ted: Gold goes to the roof?
kaye: Actually there are two more the Jupiter Saturn opposition and Jupiter conjunct Uranus
kaye: Gold doesn't like Virgo much. I'm almost ready to call for it to go down.
kaye: I'm willing to bet every Taxi driver in New York is saying buy gold, and when that happens the market goes the opposite way.
ted: If the market breaks, gold up?
kaye: I mean gold breaks
ted: Do you think the market is up this summer
kaye: I know it is hard to imagine.
kaye: I think the whole system breaks down, and it could very well be just a natural disaster
ted: The return of Christ?
kaye: We couldn't be that lucky. For example: this week a rogue satellite is moving in front of the satellite used to transmit cable TV.They may have figured a way around by now but that was the report on Friday

ted: Do you see the currencies going as well?
kaye: Yes I see the dollar is under severe stress in the opinion of the public
ted: Do you still see the yuan floated this summer?
kaye: The Euro might last till the end of the year but its value will decrease also
ted: What about the pound?
kaye: Yes I think they have to float because of the dollar and the euro otherwise they have no income from their exports.
kaye: Cameron is an interesting choice since he was chosen on the Mercury station
ted: The Swiss frank is still 20% backed by gold
kaye: He is a financial expert.
ted: Will he save the pound?
kaye: The English can stiff upper lip it. All they need to see is the Euro having trouble and they will cut back every expensive program they fund.
ted: I think the breakup of the euro is a given. Too many countries integrated with bad financial conditions
ted: Do you see the Euro busting this year?
kaye: The angles on the Euro chart are stressed by the cardinal cross. Then Saturn squares their Sun in Oct.
kaye: OK remember this about eclipses. When an eclipse is conjunct your Venus then your guardian angle goes on vacation
kaye: The Euro's Venus is 25 Capricorn and hit by the January 2010 eclipse
kaye: Euro's guardian angel is on vacation now.
kaye: January 2011 eclipse falls on the Euro Sun.
ted: Looks like Euro is in big trouble for a long time. Eclipse pushes the price down for Euro and it gets a respite and then the eclipse hits its personality and the union falls.
kaye: In the meantime the Brits clean up their pound, hopefully
ted: The eclipse to the Euro Sun ends the union?
kaye: The problem with the Euro is it was invented backwards and does not have a "constitution" or Sun to keep the people supporting it. It is really a true fiat currency.
ted: The Sun in the Euro chart is on the IC
kaye: Eclipse knocks down its home
ted: The foundation will go
ted: You need to write about this amazing prediction
kaye: Its home/ Sun in the 4th is supposed to be a vault of gold backing it. it is a Midnight chart so I guess it’s glory is in its underground vaults.

ted: Ma sha allah's book on history lists Jupiter Saturn conj and ingresses will give a pump
ted: out from the conj
ted: with all the planets ingresses a cosmic bump is at hand
ted: This may be the shot rippling to 2012 where I think the galactic alignment is like a node an extreme
kaye: Yeah I remember and we have to see it as a world wide ordeal. Cosmic bump?
ted: Euro , Dollar, gold, market all finished within a year?
kaye: So if we muddle through June we face a similar crisis in Dec/Jan where we find more ingresses bunched in a short period of time
ted: More ingresses or declinations or aspects
ted: The study of the markets go back to ancient Greece,
kaye: Yes, kind of ironic that Greece is the catalyst for today’s Euro problem.

kaye: on May 30 and that could push the markets up or at least it has done so 6 out of 8 times this century.
kaye: Add the Jupiter Uranus conjunction with 80% up
kaye: and it looks kind of like Humpty Dumpty could fall into the eclipse.
ted: If the Dollar goes down the market usually goes up, right?
kaye: Sounds weird to say the dollar down and the market up but it does make sense.
kaye: Also Saturn will change signs back to Libra July 21 which means that the problems will be Libra problems and the Virgo health and labor problems will no longer capture the markets attention
kaye: of the public scrutiny Therefore expect retail to have a problem especially high end and the arts will suffer funding
ted: Problem with lack of copper, right? It is on the Libra list.
kaye: Yeah I forgot about copper and also trees/forests
kaye: I don't follow copper I should look it up.
ted: Does Libra rule sugar I think sugar is Libra and when Saturn visited Libra it was a big up
kaye: It is a luxury commodity. Coffee and cocoa would also fit Libra
ted: Saturn will tell its tale in or out of Libra
kaye: Yes especially when it squares Pluto and opposes Jupiter. But maybe thinking about luxury items will give us a clue to the transit
ted: Does the commodity if ruled by Libra go up(scarcity), with Saturn direct and down , Saturn retro?
kaye: You might research it. It would be easy just using this years commodity charts.
ted: Gold is Leo with Mars in Leo retro and direct did it go up with direct motion?
kaye: Commodities are seasonal so it would work for a while but then fall apart since Saturn is retro about 4 months
kaye: Gold is a very special commodity because it isn't consumed and can't be replaced
kaye: That is why Leo rules gold and the Moon rules silver
ted: Can't be replaced?
kaye: right
kaye: Saturn direct means the book keeper has to face problems head on and tell the salesman to sit down and shut up
kaye: That is why we can see this banking crisis hitting and hitting hard
ted: Maybe everything is going down with the market.
ted: This time it will get hit just like the great depression, the low took 3 years to come.
kaye: Yep and we are really facing it again and no one can change the star patterns.

kaye: You could check helio charts for the next month and see if you can predict the return of sun spots
ted: ok I will do the work for the return of sunspots
kaye: and check every day there are rarely spots on new moons but by the end of the week we might have some and you are looking for spots near the sun's equator
kaye: those tend to send flares in earth
kaye: earth's direction
ted: It should increase with the planet activity up
kaye: which could bring up the price of copper in a big hurry since flares melt copper
ted: like those telegraph lines
kaye: It should but history says the sun is a lot better at making a mess than humans
kaye: Modern man is copper dependent
ted: This could be the natural disaster you were talking about
ted: Sometimes the sun sits still for a long time and than lets go
kaye: right, the sun has had the week off I expect activity for the next two weeks.
kaye: Look at the helio charts OK?
ted: OK

This is what happens in my classes. We apply sky patterns to current events, and have fun exchanging ideas as we apply the aphorisms in the lessons. You can join the fun. Just send an E mail. If you know investing, you will learn astrology. If you know astrology you will learn about investing.

I edited the lesson a little bit taking out the misspelled words and adding punctuation. We hope you see how an online class works.
Ted passed the test for Textbook 2 and has started the lessons in Textbook 3. He is interested in macro economics as they apply to the markets. He is also a spirited supporter of Project Hindsight.


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