Thursday, May 20, 2010

Euro, Dollar, Gold

January 25, 2010 the eclipse at 25 degrees Capricorn fell on the Euro's Venus. That meant that the guardian angel of the Euro went on vacation. July 11, 2010 the solar eclipse is at 20 degrees Cancer and will fall on the Dollar's Moon. It means that the public is very upset with the Dollar and it is time for it to rebuild its image.
January 14, 2010 a Euro could be exchanged for $1.45 and on April 14, 2010 the Euro fell $1.36 as the crisis with the Sovereign debt of Greece became an escalating problem. By May 14, 2010 the Euro has appeared to maintain a level of $1.23 as the European Central Bank believes it can manage the problem. You might check the I wrote in February The Euro is Stressed Out for details.

However, using just the transits to the dollar chart would explain that the Dollar has moved into a period of extreme pressure to maintain its value. The pressure will continue unabated as Saturn transits through Libra (July 2010-October 2012) the Dollar's Sun sign forcing it to examine its self-image .

Solar Arc Progressions and the Dollar
Solar Arc progressions are a way to double check an opinion of a mundane chart. In this case the Solar Arc Sun making an exact conjunction to the natal Saturn insists that the Dollar take control of its power and the world with a reliable useful currency. Transiting Saturn is conjunct Solar Arc Pluto which further insists on the Dollar taking control of its power. Mars triggers the Solar Arc South node with a conjunction while Solar Arc Venus is conjunct the natal Uranus suggesting a plethora of new inventions available to the public will save the Dollar and will do so very quickly. Solar Arc Mercury is conjunct the Solar Arc Jupiter suggests that all I have just said is really possible. These are just the conjunctions which are easy to see.

Dollar Faces Hard Work
It looks like the Dollar has more work to do than it can imagine. It is forced into a position of power and must take credit for the position seriously. The public is not pleased with this new status and will be extremely unhappy that their favorite coin of the realm has been endowed with so much authority.

My opinion is that the Dollar will be forced to work extremely hard to continue to dominate the world currency markets. Will it be successful? We will know for sure when Saturn stations at 22 Libra Summer Solstice 2012. In the meantime set up these charts on your computer and have fun following the trades for the Dollar and the Euro. Of course you could forget the entire exercise and buy coins.

June 10,2010 Mars will leave Leo the sign that rules Gold. This leaves the chart for gold open to the transit of Saturn moving into a conjunction with its Pluto and onto Uranus. That means that trading gold should be rather scary. The transit of Saturn to Pluto will intensify the power of gold as it is currently valued. At the moment transiting Chiron is square Neptune. This signals a red flag which could expose some maverick Gold ETF's with Phantom reserves. A real possibility during the next few weeks. Thus the public will question the wisdom of every type of gold fund. Coins and bars will remain a safe haven.
Take a look at the charts, now is the time when every readers opinion is of tremendous value. Surely I have overlooked a lot of aspects to these charts.

These charts appear in the Textbook for Financial Astrology and classes are available just send an email. I know it is hard to schedule a time, but I'm very flexible. This is a good summer to learn about finance and taking care of your own money.


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