Sunday, April 3, 2011

The New Moon in Aries 2011

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New Moon forecasts show the general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is what Kaye Shinker has to say for the month ahead:

The New Moon appears in the 11th House (refer to chart) The first four new Moon charts of 2011 have focused on Money. 

This month of the Aries New Moon, financial markets will focus on dividends, bonuses, and one time pay outs.   Companies will buy back their stocks and many will find clever ways to reward shareholders.  This is a month that will focus on income from investments as well as bonuses due from employers. People will consider ways to capitalize on their hobbies. Their objective is to add future income and avoid the risk of inflation. It is a good time to outline plans for the year ahead and consult friends and colleagues for new ideas.

Jupiter appears in the 11th House

Financial disputes proliferate. Fair trade legislation and interest rates are the subject of constant bickering at every legislative level. Boards of directors dispute the directives of their Chief Executives and Chief Financial officers. Government bonds and securities have difficulty finding investors.

Mercury appears in the 11th House

Discussions, arguments, and recriminations are the order of the day, however everyone forgets the topic of the argument and why they are even involved in the discussion. Mercury is Retrograde and as it moves past Jupiter and the Sun it often triggers very expensive mistakes. Best to stick to the rule of not signing any contracts or buying expensive new toys.

Saturn appears in the 5th House

The commodities market suffers from lack of interest as traders note that weather conditions seem to be favorable and plenty of land is under till. Commodity traders will begin to notice the shift away from corporate farming. Consumer demand for the products of organic farmers will claim the futures contract markets. The shift means there will be fewer contracts to trade. Demand is weakening in the trade of raw materials. Contracts for timber and renewable resources replace the demand for metals.

Pluto appears in the 7th House

International relationships become very complex and leadership at every level is unable to agree on issues. International disputes multiply while the super powers feel they can’t really help. Prevention of widening civil wars seems to be impossible. Even domestic disputes become unsolvable.

Neptune appears in the 9th House

Fraud and deception are exposed and reported at every level. It is difficult to sort out the facts as trust is also challenged. Higher education continues to battle problems with budgets and staff.

Venus appears in the 10th House

The Royal wedding captivates the American audience. The British take the opportunity to improve foreign relations with governments and corporations. It is a time when weddings endear the public.

Mars appears in the 10th House

It usually indicates war and conflict. Conjunct Uranus it further indicates arguments and disputes that refuse a compromise. Agreements between even friendly powers are impossibly complex. Corporations find board members and share holders at odds with each other.

Uranus appears in the 10th House

Outrageous attacks make headlines. There are dangers to officials in high positions as unreasonable disputes are impossible to resolve.

Kaye's predictions for the month and the full interpretations for all the planets in this New Moon chart can be read in  this month's New Moon report.  Read the report in it's entirety at 

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