Friday, April 15, 2011

Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen, Gold, Oil

Summer Solstice
James ( student) has the charts for currencies listed below neatly lined up and not exactly sure what to think about the summer solstice, Jupiter changing signs into Taurus, the Gemini and Cancer eclipses. It definitely looks like a problem. But how will the problem manifest?

Past chart testing has shown us that the summer solstice will reverse a currency trend and usually during the week before the Sun enters Cancer. Will a natural disaster change the trend? Will a reserve currency lose its credibility? Will oil or gold reverse their rising price? The idea is to take the charts of the dollar, pound, yen, gold and oil and see if the summer solstice chart has an effect after we mark in the eclipse points.

The solstice has a grand cardinal square (mid-point 7.5 degrees) with Mercury making the final aspect of a square to Saturn. The next almost exact aspect ( zero Pisces/Gemini) is Mars square Neptune. The Moon just finished a trine to Mercury (10 Pisces/Cancer)and at the end of the day the Sun will trine Neptune (Zero Pisces/Cancer). There will be a very definite and loud change in monetary policy.

We do know that the Federal Reserve will complete its program of monetary easing. We do not know how the change will effect reserve currency. Gold will maintain its power to influence currency world wide until November 2013 while transiting Pluto makes a series of conjunctions to its Sun.

Thinking Opposite is the trick to currency.
Using the gold, yen, dollar combination in a triple wheel chart we find gold's Sun conjunct Yen's Saturn and semi-sextile dollar's Venus therefore suggesting Yen will sell treasuries and use its funds to buy gold or pay bills. Therefore expect its trend to be: It will take fewer yen to buy a dollar.

Euro (1/1/1999) has Moon conjunct the South Node of the Bank of England (7/27/1694, can't find a useful pound chart) and the North Node of the Pound is conjunct the Mars of the dollar at 2 Capricorn. This means they will trade together with this powerful conjunction that holds them together making a conjunction/opposition to the Solstice Sun. Trading them one against the other would not be profitable.

The dollar's problem is Mars at zero degrees setting off a lot of action in its valuation. The Fed seems scheduled to act with the June eclipse conjunct the Fed's Saturn this would cause them to be slightly unhappy and raise interest rates. It might also explain to Congress that an intelligent move would be to allow corporate American to bring overseas cash to the US. It is going to take a great deal of intense discussion to accomplish the task. An eclipse to Saturn means that changes are slow an deliberate.

Transiting Jupiter trines the natal Jupiter of OPEC (9/14/1960)and promises an increase in the supply of oil therefore a lower price and in a few weeks Jupiter will trine the Virgo planets in OPEC's chart promising even more abundant supplies of oil. Oil has another problem with the July eclipse on the Moon of OPEC and problems with taxes, insurance as well as fewer members in the organization.
New technology will also bring down price near the summer solstice. Uranus in the Titusville chart ( 8/27/1859) is fairly close to the June eclipse at 11 Gemini suggesting new technology will effect price. Also an aspect from the asteroid Vesta ( goddess of the hearth) to the North Node could indicate folks just stay home and boycott the price.

In The Textbook for Financial Astrology you will be able to find the charts for all of the above. You might also scroll through previous blogs on these topics where I have posted the charts. Maybe you can find something in the Textbooks that are a bit more optimistic. The next few months will be extremely interesting and following the price of gas will be an intellectual challenge. $20 for 5 gallons of gas is a wallet challenge.


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