Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fiscal Cents - Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign

Financial Astrology for Your Zodiac Sign For the Lunar Month Beginning April 3,  2011- Your Astrological Horoscope and Financial Outlook by Kaye Shinker
The New Moon is in Aries.  During this lunar month on April 20, 2011, at 6:17 am EDT, the Sun will enter the sign of Taurus.
Happy Solar Return to late Aries Suns and early Taurus Suns! 

 Happy Solar Return to all of our Aries friends, born between April 3 through April 20. Aries are busy creating new and exciting businesses. They are using their mechanical skills and imagination to increase productivity and efficiency in daily life.
And Happy Solar Return to all of our Taurus friends, born between April 20 and May 2nd.  Taurus Suns are accumulating a plethora of tasks. They will need to learn to prioritize their work. Taurus also needs to evaluate their talents and hobbies throughout the year ahead. The question for them will be which one can turn a profit. Taurus likes to earn money especially when they share their talents. 

This Month For Aries
This is your month for networking. Collect business cards and write notes on the back. It is Ok to stack them in a bowl now and organize them later. This is your month to shop and take notes concerning pricing and quality of things you need. Let your portfolio ride and in the meantime collect the names of equities that consistently pay a dividend.
This Month For Taurus 
Continue practicing with new trading platforms and by the end of the month you should be able to make intelligent decisions as to favorable investments. It is a good time to review your budget and also donate some time to charity.

Advice for everyone - I encourage every Sun Sign to take control of your personal environment and reclaim your power. May 2nd, and 3rd are good days to open a savings account to deposit the extra funds you earn this month. Now is the time to set a practical material goals for these funds.

Household Hint: Thrifty is the new status symbol. This will be a good year to start a business. Inflation hedges are stocks, and vacant land. Time to start thinking of ways to invest in yourself.

More for all other signs: Each Sun Sign has predictions of the challenges and successes for you during the month ahead in our Fiscal Cents column on the web site.

We suggest that you also read your Ascendant (your Rising sign), as well as your Sun sign on our web site - to read your sun sign's forecast on our web site go to:

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