Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stars Weekend

Stars Retreat April 1, 2, & 3, 2011

Marlene and I had the exciting opportunity to soak up 48 hours of non stop knowledge from Rob Hand. We scribbled notes furiously and with the few extra moments left over we clicked a few pictures.
Rob's best selling book is Planet's in Transit. It is a classic and should be in your library. I'm on my second copy since I destroyed the binding on the first copy by overuse.
During the past 40 years Rob has been the principle character with the strength of will, firmness and resolution to bring Astrology and all its disparate parts into the 21st Century.

The horoscope charts we use on this site are from the company he organized and built from scratch Astrolabe. He led the volunteer astrologer's organization NCGR for years as the group built a network of chapters throughout the USA and held semi-annual conferences. His ability to give an informative and funny lecture made it possible to attract enough astrologers to hold the first United Astrologers Conference (next one, May 23, 2012 New Orleans). He said "go for it" when a group of astrologers suggested translating the ancient Greek and Latin astrology Texts. He is still engaged in translating the Medieval Latin books.

Astrologer's have run out of awards to honor him. However, the greatest honor for him is to have you listen to his lectures, run with his ideas and laugh. If ever there was a master teacher for our time Rob is that person.

And yes he will be at UAC. Also check his lecture schedule maybe he will be in your area during the next 12 months.



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