Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Money and Practical Astrology

New Moon in Taurus means Frugal.
It is a perfect time to open a savings account where you want the money to stay put and not sneak away on trivial "I wants" In fact my Moon in Taurus savings account just gave my car a tow truck ride. Insurance covered the ride but I had to pay cash to the driver and wait for the insurance check.

Savings accounts are also handy for depositing refund checks, birthday checks and even rolls of nickels and pennies. Lovable savings accounts collect a few dollars here and a few dollars there and pretty soon you are talking about an online trading account. "FUN"

The sign of the Sun and/or Moon will help you decide when to purchase big ticket items. A new computer would prefer a Moon in Aquarius, a new refrigerator would prefer a Moon in Cancer, and a new car would enjoy a Moon in Gemini. Problem is that we usually do not purchase big ticket items until the old one breaks beyond repair. However, if you can wait a day or a week give it a try.

Speaking of repairs, Mercury rx is the best time to "fix it". When you take the old clunker to the shop, bring a book, your homework and your knitting. Mercury rx "fix it" usually require double the amount of time to accomplish the work. Also be sure you have a written estimate before they start the job.

There are events where you can control the start up date.
If you are starting a new business, you may wish to have the Sun sign for the business in the sign most favorable for the product or service the business offers. If you are selling your house, you might chose an excellent time to list the property. If you are planning to make a long term investment, it is really a good idea to find a good day to sign the papers. If you are plan to start a club or begin a charity project then it is really a good idea to chose an auspicious day and time.

My Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 will give you a good start at finding the perfect date. After you read the book you could look up some businesses you knew and loved. Did they have a Jupiter rx and therefore a lazy salesman? Did their Neptune square Mercury and the employees robbed them blind? Did you purchase that "lemon" under a Mercury rx or did the Moon VOC catch the business and one month later you hung up the "going out of business sign".


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