Sunday, April 26, 2009

Preparing for Marathon Economics

 Jupiter,  Saturn, Uranus and Neptune: Planets of Economics

Jupiter and Neptune applying to a conjunction are pushing the Bull's Marathon down Wall Street. They are pushing the pace. Since January 2009 they have been training together in the constellation Aquarius.  The next four months feature two major aspects aggravating the markets. Jupiter applying to a conjunction with Neptune at the end of May and again in July favors the bull. Saturn moves to an opposition with Uranus in August and favors the bears. These outer planets have made oppositions then conjunctions to each other with the result that our economic life total chaos. You can blame these planets for the whole up and down mess. 

One more tiny aspect. Uranus and Neptune in an exact semi-sextile in June, and the Mississippi River overflows whenever these two planets make any sort of an exact aspect. This could be very aggravating to the commodities markets

Recession Marathon at Halfway Mark
The recession marathon started about 18 months ago and we are just about at the halfway point. It is time to grab a big bottle of ice cold water and take some long deep breaths. It will be August 2010 before we feel comfortable with the worldwide economy. July 26, 2010 is the final opposition of Saturn and Neptune. At that point we will be used to the idea that another industry is a candidate for bankruptcy court.  

? How to Spend the Time Profitably.
Success running a marathon requires training. Success in every financial market is best achieved by training, but training using real money can be very expensive. Therefore everyone recommends "do your homework and study the charts" Since I'm an astrologer I recommend that you read my books and study the ephemeris. I also recommend that you take classes and learn the various aphorisms associated with the study of the current positions of the planets.

An example is Mercury retrograde. Student astrologers learn the Aphorism " Mercury retrograde is not a good time to buy or sell high ticket items, but it is an excellent time to repair things and read." Research, read, review, rebuild are some of the actions we need to use during this period of time. 

The next question then is what to do with your investments/cash during the next 15-18 months. My suggestion is to start your training for the marathon with the study of basic Financial Astrology and practice using these astrological principles along with the various technical tools available to investors and traders. Suggested technical providers at the website


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