Friday, April 24, 2009


Even Science is Getting Into the 2012 Act
by Kaye Shinker

Space weather forecasters have determined that 2012 will be the Solar Maximum and therefore the earth's electrical grid is in danger of a meltdown due to Coronal Mass Ejections. It is true and it has happened before. The most dramatic case occurred in 1859 when a solar flare lit up the sky and then melted telegraph wires.

I'm sure more stories like this one will appear throughout the Internet as well as mainstream print media.The media must rush these stories because it appears they do not look at the graphs provided by Coronal Mass Ejections usually occur within months of a solar minimum. An astrologer looks at the charts for these events and can see that Jupiter is on the way to making a conjunction with one or more of the outer planets.

Astrological Investing will keep you informed via the New Moon Newsletters and Blogs. The next three years are filled with danger signals as the outer planets move through a series of conjunctions and oppositions. During May 2009 the Mercury retrograde period includes conjunctions of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. This three week period signals some very difficult planetary configurations with a history of creating solar storms. Solar Flares often miss 'target' planet earth, but every one is worthy of our attention.

The Astrology of Solar Storms
Historically Jupiter and Neptune conjunction with Mars square the conjunction signals damaging solar flares. If you follow the graph of the Sun Spot cycles you will find that Jupiter is in the same sign as Saturn or Neptune at the height of sun spot activity. Usually Mars is square the conjunction.
May 27, 2009 Jupiter and Neptune are making conjunctions squared by Mars. The first conjunction is often very difficult. The retrograde conjunction happens July 20th with the heliocentric conjunction September 19 near the equinox and the last geocentric conjunction on Dec. 21st on the solstice.

Recent Signs of Astronomical Pressure
The power of both planets moving toward a conjunction has so far ignited two volcanoes with significant ash plumes. There are also three volcanoes threatening to erupt. Ash fertilizes the soil where ever if falls but also creates additional rainfall and cool weather.
The ash from a volcano damages mechanical objects. In Alaska the folks protect the engines of their cars and machines from the ash fall of the Redoubt volcano by encasing engine parts with pantyhose. Geomagnetic storms are not so easy. They destroy the circuits that operate communication devises, satellites and electrical systems. Various studies of Sun activity suggest remarkable Solar flares will melt the component parts of electrical systems.

I lived in Alaska 10 summers and was fascinated by the bright auroras therefore I researched the astrology, science and mythology of Sun Spot cycles as well as Solar flares. I have lectured on this topic for quite a few groups. If you're interested in the topic contact Astrological Investing. I intend to add a few minutes on the topic to my current scheduled lectures.


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