Friday, April 3, 2009

Rollercoasters on Wall street

Financial Astrologers have real numbers to use when they research the effects of planetary motion. The next two weeks have several interesting planetary patterns. Mercury is sextile Neptune which suggest that messages are scrambled. Pluto turned retrograde April 4,2009 and his change in direction usually reverses the markets. Sun sextile Jupiter has a reputation for pushing up the market indexes, but it is exact on Good Friday and Passover. 

Then on April 15 Tax day Mars is conjunct Uranus in the morning and none of us will feel confident that the answer to two plus two is still four. In the afternoon the Sun will sextile Neptune assuring all of us that two plus two is five. 

April 17 we are exhausted and finally Venus turns direct  80% of the time when Venus changes apparent direction the market goes in the exact opposite direction it had established earlier in the week. The following week is a roller coaster ending with the New Moon and Mercury square Neptune the Red Flag aspect that warns you to double check the truth of every message.
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I just posted it on our website, Fire Engine Red Flags.  Know that Venus was Retrograde for 40 days therefore at every level folks made organizational mistakes. The Toxic asset program is just one blatant example. Goldman can buy Citi's toxic assets and then sell them back to Citi. All of these assets are now backed 85% by the government.  It is so exciting riding the Roller Coaster on Wall Street. Every new government program has to have a loophole somewhere. Wall Street fellows love detective work.  

I make notes all over the Corporate charts in Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 3.  They are starting to look like my road map for the City of New Orleans. 


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