Monday, April 27, 2009

The Revolution in Personal Transportation

Will We Rescue the Car?
I asked an elderly friend if she could remember what it was like when automobiles began to take over the economy. She explained that it was very difficult for folks who delivered products with horse carts and mechanics like her dad had to adapt to a new business.

Economic Woes Repeat 
The economic woes of the Auto industry dominate the headlines.  They dominate the discussions on the net and even of folks waiting in line for a burger at Micky D's. What will replace these venerable icons of personal transportation and freedom of movement? Pluto in Capricorn is changing business models with dramatic intensity just as it did at the beginning of the previous century when it entered Cancer. Would you have purchased stock in the strange new company General Motors in 1916? It has Pluto at 4 degrees Cancer.

Once upon a time at the turn of the last century Pluto entered Cancer and the automobile was invented. Buggy whip makers went out of business. Horseshoer's had to learn a new trade and construction engineers studied Roman roads to design highways and bridges that held the weight of ten ton trucks. Dozens of companies formed to manufacture cars, trucks, and all of their component parts in order to provide all of us with personal transportation. By the way more than 50 of these companies still trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

Will Folks Invent a New Economy?
Once upon a time as a matter of fact January 2008, Pluto entered Capricorn and the entire economy once again began to change. But what is this creative new invention?  Will we find it soon? Clues will be revealed throughout 2009 as the world economy grasps the creativity of the Aquarius Neptune expanded by the Jupiter conjunction and revealed by Chiron.
Chiron the centaur is half man half beast. He is the maverick, the teacher and the healer. He says step outside the box, learn everything possible about the topic and then use your knowledge to fix the problem. It appears he is set up to help us through this economic transition.

It is a Tough Transition
This is the beginning of the economic revolution. We need to survive with creativity and ingenuity and some good old fashion intense study. It is time to do your homework, and the Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune conjunction is yelling in all caps. Jupiter the salesman is expanding the lessons of Chiron the great teacher. Chiron is methodically explaining how to heal Neptune's chaotic behavior by tuning into Neptune's creativity and ingenuity. 

At Astrological Investing we are offering classes at a reduced rate to help you decipher the conjunction and then participate in this extraordinary new economy as it develops. Jupiter and Neptune will meet three times during 2009. 
The Textbook for Financial Astrology  explains how to use astrological timing to start your own or a clients business.  Using the horoscopes of successful companies the text illustrates how to apply the aphorisms of business astrology. These charts also give you astrological clues as to what to look for as companies meet the various challenges in today's market. 


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