Friday, April 17, 2009

Astrological Investing - Site of The Week!

Astrological Investing has been featured as the Site of the Week at Here is what astrologer Paul Wade said: "As I write it seems many don’t have the cash to invest anymore, so clearly those that do must be more careful than ever. Here’s a site established to explain how astrology helps investors reach the right decisions, with lots of information for the casual surfer and with more available after you complete their free registration."

So, okay...for those who do like to play the market, and have the cash - Just a reminder about the markets - When Venus changes directions there is a reversal in the market momentum 80% of the time, just as there was (if you look at the charts)when Venus turned Rx.

We are at the end of the Rx period, with Venus stationing direct today.

I am expecting a brief decline, followed by a rally up ever mindful that we are still within a Bear Market multi-month rally that started when Venus stationed Rx.

When Mercury changes directions there will be volatility at both of the stations, May 7, stationing retrograde - May 30 stationing direct.

Given the long term outlook of the planets for 2009, one could use any rally to take profits and acquire cash...still not trusting any rally and keeping close watch and/or use stop losses.

For more in depth information about the astrological outlook for the stock market read Randall Ashbourne's The World At Large, January 2009 where he states:

"World stock markets remain trapped within a Bear market which currently seems unlikely to finish or find a final “bottom” before 2010 at the earliest."

He gives us key dates to watch that likely will coincide with key reversals in stock markets in the next few months - June 6 & 26, July 8 to 15


  1. Hi:

    World At Large 2009 had given dates 5th April to 15th April as date for key reversal. The market did start the uptrend from March 7, which was earlier key date. Does it mean that the pull back expected between 5th April & 15th April, not going to happen or its differed?


  2. Unfortunately, Randall understands technical trading and the use of many tech tools including Elliot Waves and Fibonacci numbers better than I, and he is not available to answer your comment.

    I do understand this VERY WELL however, and that is one MUST keep an eye on the technical indicators and be involved in watching the markets closely during the days and periods of expected reversals.

    Keep in mind we are within a Bear Market multi-month rally that started with Venus stationing retrograde.

    The Fibonacci Cluster turn window of April 15th coincided with Venus stationing Direct. And Venus's station has an orb of a few days before and few after. According to Ray Merriman, Venus stationing retrograde can affect the market within 12 days of the trading signature, and mostly within 4 days of trading + or minus the exact date of going Rx. NOTE: Read Stock Market Timing Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles, which available to purchase from our book shop at

    There was a top of 8,083.38 on the DOW on April 9th's closing. That top is still intact, and so it appears that is when the cycle unfolded.

    A decline from that top was expected, as technically there was a Rising Bearish Wedge pattern formed in the Industrials. From that the technical indicator there is a decline that has downside target taking the Industrials down much further to around 7,400.

    Right now, more than 80% of the DJIA are above their 30 days moving averages as well as being above their 10 days moving average which indicates they are overbought.

    Be very careful this coming week as Mercury begins it's station and turns Rx on May 7.

    However, having said all this, this decline we are having is corrective and we are still within a multi-month period of a Bear Market rally, and the technical indicators show an upside target in the Industrials of over 9,000 after a decline.

    Personally, I am using any pullback as a time to buy after having reviewed the technical indicators, and selling any rally.

    Trading is very risking and you need to keep tight stops.

  3. I want to correct myself. The Fibonacci Cluster turn window did not occur April 9th - last Friday's top did exceed that, and I made a mistake on the date when commenting. However, I still expect a decline and my targets remain as stated above.

    Today I exited several positions, and am looking forward for buying opportunities.

    I'm one of those risk takers who will, when opportunity presents itself, take advantage of buying opportunities during Mercury Rx!

    Kaye and I have a totally different viewpoint on this, btw...

    My recommendation is: be very, very careful when doing so! Too many things can go wrong during Mercury Rx. I've seen too many traders buy when trying to sell, and selling at a price they didn't intend, or selling the wrong stock! Internet connections sometimes go haywire, and trades get messed up. Sometimes the trade doesn't even get posted to one's account during Merc Rx. The things that can go wrong have a good chance of going wrong during Merc Rx. You not only are involved in the daily day to day trading risk, you have added another element of risk during Merc Rx - so I do understand Kaye's advise.


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