Saturday, October 24, 2009

H1N1 Emergency

Chart for the Announcement of the National Emergency.  

Mars rules Fevers
Mars is in Leo and as I explained in the Blog for Gold Fever, Mars rules fever. Another area of life ruled by Leo is children.  The main symptom for H1N1 is fever and aching muscles.  It seems to prefer to infect children who have not developed the immunities of their parents and grandparents.  As you might expect folks with compromised immune systems are probably most at risk.

Is it too little too late? 
Saturn void of course in Virgo (rules health care )indicates that it is. Wednesday Saturn will be in Libra and a whole new set of challenges concerning what is fair and what is not concerning the administration of the vaccine will plague us world wide.  This includes every level of government and every level of medicine.

Jupiter is moving to a conjunction with Neptune then Chiron (the wounded healer).  Jupiter tends to expand what ever it touches and in this case Neptune the ruler of drugs.  It could suggest that folks will pay too much for the drugs because of the information provided by the media. It also suggests that health care providers will be charged a premium price to acquire the drugs. There is a lot of money to be made by drugstores and their suppliers while the virus keeps folks at home.  Pharmaceuticals either presciption or over the counter will profit since these planets trine Venus.  Excellent profits are in the wind.

The first house Moon in Capricorn is square Mercury and therefore folks believe that various levels of governments are responsible for distributing the information concerning the virus. They will expect to find the drugs required to prevent the spread of the flu as well as those required to care for the sick. Folks will be required to take care of their own family.

The Sun is sextile Pluto and square Mars. It gives all levels of government an opportunity to take charge of medical delivery systems. However a square to Mars could prove that the challenge will require more energy and organization than current health care systems have available.  

When will the virus stop spreading?
Here is the Astrological Timing. H1N1 will remain a problem until Mars leaves Leo in June 2010.  However the media will continue to report on the challenge of dealing with the virus for the next seven days, seven months or seven years.  Seven months is likely.  The Moon is at 16 Capricorn square Mercury at 23 Libra or seven degrees until the aspect is exact. The next exact aspect of the Moon is how you time an event in horary astrology.

Flu Time Story
OK if you catch the virus and have to stay home and you feel really sorry for yourself, this is how my Mom's grandpa treated the Spanish Flu. She was eight years old living on a farm in the Panhandle of Oklahoma in 1918. Grandpa took care of her whole family by keeping the house spotless and giving them at least a spoonful of diluted kerosene daily.

To our readers: Take your vitamins, get your daily sunshine bath, wash your fresh fruits and vegetables and eat healthy diets. Shop now for your aspirin (ibuprofen), cleaning supplies, and tissues.  They won't go to waste.

(My theory on the timing for this event chart is to set it for the time when Americans were made aware of the Emergency Action.  I know the President signed the order during the evening of October 23rd.  However it was about 11:45 am EDT when the press was made aware of the order.)


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