Friday, October 2, 2009

Traders watch Dollar

Fighting to Save the Dollar as a Reserve Currency
The ups and downs of the dollar have been the focus of attention of market traders.
If the chart I use for the dollar is correct, then the next few weeks for the Dollar could be a roller coaster ride.  tPluto is just leaving the conjunction to Mars and tMars is hanging pretty close to the Moon and tNeptune is conjunct the Dollar's Pluto.  Mars is a warrior and when up against the wall of gold he could just bring the fighting spirit and creativity of the public into the fore and win the battle for dominance of the world.  Possible?

Discipline Required
However valuations for the dollar could improve with a little bit of discipline that the square tSaturn will give the Dollar's Jupiter on its Birthday.  This transit is followed by tSaturn trine Saturn on Oct 17, 2009. The Federal Reserve could actually find a way to make the Legal Tender valuable.  Whatever their idea is it has to be outrageous and something no one ever considered ever.  tPluto makes an exact trine to Uranus on Nov. 23, 2009.  

USA Public Rejects Oil? 
January and February 2010 the South Node is closing in on the Moon. Headlines concerning the value of the dollar could upset the public enough that they will cut back further on their use of oil.  They will insist that their local governments use fuel other than gasoline. Weaning from oil must be absolute and abrupt, just as a mare weans her foal. 
Throughout January the crisis will make headlines and the dollar must reposition itself to maintain the status of world reserve currency. It will be a battle with very unusual battlefield tactics.

My guess as to how the battle ends.
Maybe the Federal Reserve will haul out their ancient engraving plates and start stamping out $20 silver pieces.  Whatever their fiat currency which is considered Legal Tender could transform.  Hopefully the transformation doesn't mean legal 'tinder' December has Jupiter trine the Dollars Sun and conjunct its Pluto.
The Textbook for Financial Astrology contains charts for the dollar, oil,  and gold. In this article I have only mentioned the transits of the outer planets. The transits of the Sun and Mars are equally important.  These charts are invaluable for tracing the next few months of transits as we go through the crisis.

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  1. Hi Kaye,

    I see we use different charts for the Dollar.

    Here is a link that may be of some interest regarding the Dollar:

    John is in banking,has a personal library of about 5,000 books and is an avid amateur historian.

    If you go to the site, it may be interesting and informative to do a search for JohnTWB and peruse his posts.

    At any rate, I think that both charts for the Dollar may be of value.



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