Thursday, October 8, 2009

Saturn's Infrared Ring

 How many degrees of space is covered by the ring?

Oct 8,2009 Saturn and Mercury are conjunct in Virgo. Therefore NASA released new information explaining that the ringed planet has more rings than we see in a telescope.  Science is confirming what we already know from experience.  When Saturn is ten degrees from a conjunction or an opposition from one of your natal planets the effect is felt and it doesn't go away until Saturn is 10 degrees away.

The ring discovered by NASA's Infrared camera might be the best explanation for the experience of Astrologers for the past 5,000 years.  Saturn can make life very challenging especially when transiting Saturn is approaching a conjunction or opposition to one of your natal planets. 

Point of View in a Personal Horoscope
Saturn rules bones and by extension teeth.  Think about how long it takes for a cavity to form and then demand to be filled by the dentist.  Transiting Saturn moves to within ten degrees of your natal either Sun or Saturn and you forget your toothbrush on a camping trip. Several months later you visit the dentist and sure enough one of the Somemores attacked your front tooth.  Now Saturn is opposed to your natal Sun. Result? One hour with the dentist and $200 deducted from your checking account.  

Financial Astrology's Point of View 
Alcoa's incorporation is September 18, 1888.  Their Sun is 26 degrees Virgo and Saturn is transiting over their Sun. The past six quarters have been in the red. This quarter they finally made a profit, but their debt is huge because of previous losses. It will take a number of profitable quarters to reduce their debt. Fortunately throughout 2010 Saturn will transit back and forth over their Sun forcing the company to keep their internal fiscal discipline.  

Saturn in Libra
Halloween Eve and Saturn moves into Libra check my article to find out the sectors of the economy where he will start making trouble. My guess is that the number of degrees in space covered by the ring is at least 4, but maybe 6 and unlike other planets Saturn causes trouble on both ides of its transit. Guess that will be a lesson in my next Textbook.


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